F Khatoon

Composer Ishanu Chakraborty collaborates with singer Jayati Chakraborty for a rain song

Tomari Karone is about the co-relationship and co-existence of nature and love

26 May 2021

Covid Support: Filmmaker Deepshikha Deshmukh extends help to COVID centres in Maharashtra

Deepshikha recently arranged oxygen concentrators for Latur's hospitals in Maharashtra

25 May 2021

Jaipur Rugs collaborates with designer Abin Choudhuri for Archetype

Archetype presents the fundamental principles of architecture through simple forms, colours and shapes on rugs

25 May 2021

Singer Shayan Italia’s anthem, Warriors, will raise your spirit

Warriors was born out of Covid led downtime and Italia scored this song to fuel courage within his friends and family

25 May 2021

Lakshmi Devy’s debut film, When the Music Changes, addresses rape culture

Every 16 minutes, a woman is raped in India and this movie is a reminder to society that it is not the woman but a man who loses his honour

25 May 2021

The final instalment of Money Heist to drop in two volumes in September and December

The Professor and his entourage in Money Heist are back in the action-packed series releasing on September

24 May 2021

Singer Amartya Bobo Rahut's latest release, Kaisi Ho? is all about nostalgia

With a youthful vibe, the indie-romantic ballad revisits the memories of a friend or a lover from the past

24 May 2021

Garam Kadai's tech-savvy, fuss-free meals are great travel partners

Self-heating on-the-go food, Garam Kadhai, will make travelling more fun

24 May 2021

Singer Shreya Ghoshal blessed with a baby boy

Shreya Ghoshal becomes the mother of a baby boy

22 May 2021

Actor Geeta Basra urges would-be-moms not to take the vaccine

Actor Geeta Basra who is expecting a child soon does not approve of the vaccine during pregnancy

21 May 2021

Khushboo Grewal and Ishq’s Punjabi track, Charche, is groovy

The Punjabi song that was released today on the official YouTube channel of Koinage Records, is all about a blooming romance between a couple

21 May 2021

Ten tips to guard against the deadly coronavirus

The only mantra is to stay proactive and make our body strong to fight the virus which is mutating fast

21 May 2021

International Tea Day: Five homegrown brands you must sip

It’s not just a cup of tea anymore, it’s a lifestyle now, a celebration.

21 May 2021

Add these herbs to your tea for better immunity

A cup of tea with herbs can boost your immunity

21 May 2021

La Macario Cafe's alphabet pizza will make your celebrations special

La Macario Café’s bespoke alphabet pizzas have the city’s gastronomes drooling

21 May 2021

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