Rebecca Vargese


A Star Wars lover living in denial, Rebecca Vargese thinks Ewoks are awesome. When not stringing together words to describe fashion and couture, she enjoys listening to old school rock, collecting Lego figures and binge-watching House MD. Ps. She also shares a birthday with Harleen Quinzel.

Original script detail from Iron Man about Howard Stark leaves fans heartbroken and angry

The scene reiterates what fans have always known, Howard Stark was never a good father!

25 Apr 2020

Watch: Christian Dior shares rare behind-the-scenes from their A/W 1949 couture collection showcase

Haute Couture offers a behind-the-scenes look, with narration from Monsieur Dior himself

24 Apr 2020

Sartorial healing: Here's our pick of designer clothes that may just help relieve stress, cure skin issues and boost your immunity

We take a look at a new wave of designers who are weaving the healing properties of flowers, herbs, spices and tree barks into the very fabric of their designs

24 Apr 2020

London Fashion Week rebranded as a 'gender-neutral', virtual showcase

The first-ever combined London Fashion Week starts on June 12 and is expecting to see a bigger mix than the usual lineup

21 Apr 2020

Chennai entrepreneur Upasana Asrani discusses mindful living and slow fashion in her Instagram talk series

The 44-year-old has been hosting a series of talks on the Instagram page of her start-up, The International Foundation of The Arts, with celebrated individuals known for their sustainable practices

17 Apr 2020

Exclusive: British Alt-pop duo Oh Wonder get chatting about finding comfort in music, how to live with your partner during a lockdown, and more! 

Fresh off the release of their third album, No One Else Can Wear Your Crown, the House Tapes is, perhaps, the band’s fastest turn out of new music in the last few years

16 Apr 2020

Sustainable fashion in Chennai gets a push as Shruti Ashok launches The ReLove Closet

Look out for an enviable repertoire of apparel, shoes, bags and other accessories include brands like Diane Von Furstenberg, Alice + Olivia, Manish Malhotra, Gucci, Valentino and more

15 Apr 2020

As in-house music takes on a new definition, here’s our guide to the best live-streamed content

While the list of live-streamed chat shows and concerts to stream from the comfort of your home is ever-expanding, here are our picks of favourites that you cannot afford to miss

13 Apr 2020

Kaneez Surka and Prashasti Singh reveal how women in comedy are coming into their own

Kaneez Surka and Prashasti Singh get chatting about their stand-up special, navigating the world of comedy and if gender still matters

13 Apr 2020

Chennai's make-up artists are super glammed up for the Namma Ooru version of the #DontRushChallenge 

Chennai's make-up artists show off their incredible skills via this viral TikTok Challenge

11 Apr 2020

Social distancing playlist: From The Police's Don't Stand So Close to Me to Randy Newman's Stay Away 

Here's a list of songs that are currently doing their rounds on the internet.

11 Apr 2020

Chester Bennington's pre-fame band releases a new single, Sometimes, written by the Linkin Park star

Chester Bennington's former band released a new song cut to the vocals of the late musician and is a poignant message of 'hope'.

04 Apr 2020

Studying serial killer Ramirez to brushing up on Hyderabadi slang: Vijay Varma reveals what it took to play Sasya

Vijay Varma on his latest outing in She, and how he created a multilayered personality for his morally questionable on-screen character, Sasya

03 Apr 2020

From balms and butters to soaps and serums, here are our expert picks to keep those over-washed hands supple

From DIY hacks to easily available over-the-counter salves and luxurious skin-care indulgences, we got some experts to chip in and help pick out the best products and ingredients

20 Jul 2021

Anushka Sharma is Virat Kohli's new stylist, gives the cricketer a haircut during self-quarantine

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have been practising social-distancing and have sharing sneak-peeks of their life at home

28 Mar 2020

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