Suchitra Behara

Hyderabad's all-new Diablo serves up eclectic cocktails and Middle Eastern cuisine

With dragon sculptures and gargoyle statues, Diablo is a place-to-be for artisanal cocktails and food from the Middle East

09 Dec 2021

Recipe: Here is a perfect tart recipe to begin your Christmas celebrations

The pastry chef of Marriott Hyderabad Convention Centre and Courtyard, Anup Ganguly share's his signature tart recipe

03 Dec 2021

Balasubrahmanya Kasyap Kanakapuri talks about his recent release, Khoya Sa

Kashyap's track Khoya Sa is all about 'love at first sight'

03 Dec 2021

In a candid chat, Neha Sharma talks about her show, Illegal 2 and returning to Telugu movies

Neha Sharma reprsises her role as Niharika Singh in the series Illegal 2

03 Dec 2021

From Guthi Vankaya Kura to Potlam Biryani, the all-new Anna Native in Hyderabad offers unique regional dining experience  

Anna Native has managed to bring a range of authentic South Indian dishes under one roof

25 Nov 2021

Anavila’s Diwali drop, Morakasi, takes inspiration from the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan

Designer Anavila Misra has come up with a bright festival edit, Morakasi

28 Oct 2021

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