Anila Kurian

Partake wedding feasts while attending nuptials virtually 

With Covid cases on the rise, wedding parties are sending over festive fare to guests attending virtually to ensure they too can partake in the celebrations

10 Jan 2022

Exercising caution

New year and gym enrolments go hand in hand, but with Covid cases spiraling, Bengalureans are again opting for digital classes

04 Jan 2022

It’s all about sprinkles, gingerbread house and marshmallow these days as bakers are getting creative with edible Christmas kits

If there’s one thing that the lockdowns and the pandemic have taught us, it’s to find interesting ways to stay entertained at home

22 Dec 2021

Is Bengaluru-based stylist Bia Sandhu Taneja related to Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu?

Post Harnaaz Sandhu’s win as Miss Universe 2021, city-based Bia Sandhu Taneja, a stylist, has been inundated with queries about their connection

16 Dec 2021

Bengaluru's carol singers herald the Yuletide season

Choirs, Christmas, Covid... singing groups share with CE how they’ve tried to re-create  the festive season after a subdued 2020

16 Dec 2021

Bengaluru's Relief Riders of India has officially been nominated for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize

It’s a big moment for volunteer group Relief Riders of India, led by bicycle mayor Sathya Sankaran, which has been nominated for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize for their work during the lockdowns

02 Dec 2021

I had back-to-back projects during lockdown: Benny Dayal

The Bollywood singer will be performing in Bengaluru for the first time since the pandemic

01 Dec 2021

After a quiet 2020, Bengalureans are heading out this holiday season with a vengeance

Suitcases are packed, and hotels, private villas are booked

30 Nov 2021

Act of change

The Tamil actor, who recently graduated from Christ University, is in a lesbian love music video which is creating waves online

27 Nov 2021

T(r)ucked away

Since the pandemic, many food trucks in the city have either shut shop or have ventured into a cloud kitchen model

23 Nov 2021

Portrait of an artist

Pushpa Dravid picked up paints and the palette at the age of five, and to this day, continues to create works that are much sought-after

22 Nov 2021

Raining styles

Flowy skirts, trench coats, chocolate-coloured’s how you can keep your fashion quotient up if you’re planning to brave the incessant showers and step out this weekend

20 Nov 2021

Home-grown wine brands are in demand in Bengaluru

As the holiday season approaches, sommeliers and oenophiles find Bengalureans turning to home-grown brands which have cropped up in large numbers during the pandemic

18 Nov 2021

Ideas of change

This space in Yeshwanthpur is where Bengalureans are gathering and putting their heads together to come up with ways to tackle climate change

17 Nov 2021

Return of revelry:  Bengaluru musicians relieved to be performing live just like old times

Virtual gigs are not all fun as they are mentally taxing for musicians who are unable to gauge the reaction of the viewers

15 Nov 2021

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