Arya U R

For the love of saree

Malappuram-native Jaseena started Saree In Style, a Facebook group, to connect with women. Now, the group has around 13,000 members all in love with the slip garment

24 Jun 2022

Out & proud

The words ‘This is a disease. Get him treated’ pierced the heart of 23-year-old Rizwan K when he came out to his family and friends as gay a month ago.

22 Jun 2022

Testing waters at kavaratti 

We caught up with Mirzana Beegum, the youngest scuba diver from Lakshwadweep, who is fearless in her pursuit of the deep waters.

17 Jun 2022

Musings of solitary days

Shortfilm ‘QuarantinE’ by Kiran Sandhya shows how elderly people spent their lockdown days confined to home.

16 Jun 2022

Serial quiller

Asha Anish’s little stall in Kovalam Art and Craft Village is filled with her quilling artworks. From portraits to sceneries, she weaves wonders using paper.

15 Jun 2022

Native comics

Deepak Leela Sivarajan is recreating stories and characters from Kerala’s history and mythology to reintroduce them to a global audience

10 Jun 2022

Call of the wild

Kaadakalam, a movie by debut director Dr Sakhil Raveendran, narrates the lives of tribal child Kunjappoo and his deep connection with nature

06 Jun 2022

The young Turk of kitchen

Chef Tarik Hoca is in Kerala gifting a wide variety of Turkish delights to Malayali hearts

02 Jun 2022

A french dance affair

Tête-à-tête with French Mohiniyattam dancer and choreographer Brigitte Chataignier, who was in T’Puram for a two-day dance workshop 

01 Jun 2022

Upcycle in style

Kochi-based design studio ‘By Hand’ is bringing out sustainable upcycled fashion

31 May 2022

Ballad from Kerala to Ukraine, with love

Vandana recently released a music video singing popular Ukrainian folk song ‘Oy U Luzi Chervona Kalyna’ in memory of her life in the war-torn country  

30 May 2022

Nava-rasams for monsoon

Here are nine recipes for rasam — the spicy, soupy goodness for the monsoon chill

27 May 2022

Bold hues of history

Artist Sedunath Prabhakar’s contemporary art series discusses Mahatma Gandhi and India’s deities in a new light

25 May 2022

Return to roots

Ooru, a music video by Richy K S, talks about the struggles of farmers 

13 May 2022

The many ‘blues’ of motherhood

Rajeev Vijay’s recent short film ‘INA’ addresses the concerns of a new mother dealing with postpartum depression

15 Apr 2022

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