Avinash Ramanchandran

'Lost' review: Not Entirely a Lost Cause

Apart from the presence of Pankaj Kapur, who plays Vidhi’s worldly wise grandfather, everyone else fails to inject a sense of much-needed urgency into the narrative

26 Feb 2023

'Something from Tiffany's' movie review: No frills, all fluff

The predictability of the plot and, for that matter, the backstories of the characters is exhausting​

15 Dec 2022

Actor Mohammad Ali Baig: I hate the ‘sir sir’ culture in cinema

The actor opens about his transition from theatre to cinema, the apprehensions, the reflections, and most importantly, the learning and unlearning

29 Nov 2022

Falling for Christmas movie review: Lindsay Lohan is charming in this template romcom

The film is a decent family entertainer, thanks to the earnest performances by its primary cast, especially Lindsay Lohan

20 Nov 2022

Enola Holmes 2 review: A campy and empowering addition to an enterprising franchise

Just like the first film, Enola Holmes 2 is once again a commentary on women’s empowerment

09 Nov 2022

20th Century Girl movie review: A walk down memory lane

In the digital era, where everyone is a click away, it is easy to forget the simpler times of the 90s

30 Oct 2022

Sardar Movie Review: Karthi shines in a massy spy thriller with a compelling message

Sardar strikes a neat balance between being a mass masala entertainer, and a message film with its heart in the right place

22 Oct 2022

'Do Revenge' review: A fun spin on a familiar ride

At this point, we get introduced to the ‘awkward’ but bold Eleanor, who comes to Rosehill to face the crushing memory of her first crush outing her in public

25 Sep 2022

Oke Oka Jeevitham Movie Review: A cathartic film with a big idea and a bigger heart

Debut director Shree Karthick has designed a film that might seem like a conversation with time but is a deeply introspective piece, which urges us to make peace with our decisions

10 Sep 2022

'Day Shift' film review: A fun Val Helsing reimagination

Jamie Foxx’s Bud Jablonski is a pool cleaner by day, but it is hunting vampires at night that gets him the bucks

28 Aug 2022

Modern Love - Hyderabad Web series Review: A heartfelt hat-tip to the old-world charm of the city

The Modern Love bandwagon makes its next pitstop in the city of Hyderabad and brings with it six stories that deal with the various shades of Pyaar, Prema and Kaadhal

09 Jul 2022

The Man From Toronto movie review: This Patrick Hughes film is nothing less than a bundle of cliches

Patrick makes the right move by having Kevin Hart, a superstar of this subgenre, feature as Teddy, a failed and bumbling salesman with a never-say-die attitude

03 Jul 2022

Multi-starrers, multiple spoilers, and a multifaceted maverick - Lokesh Kanagaraj on all things Vikram

The director on what it's like to make a pan-Indian film featuring the who's who of Indian cinema talent

02 Jun 2022

Pooja Hegde: I want to do films that make women feel represented

The actor, who recently featured in Vijay's Beast, speaks about facing setbacks and future plans

20 Apr 2022

RRR underwater cinematographer Sumer Verma: SS Rajamouli is an uncompromising director

Sumer Verma, an exponent in underwater cinematography, speaks about working on RRR, challenges in his profession, and more...

15 Apr 2022

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