Ayesha Singh

In new light for this year's festival with technological influence

Diwali 2023 presents a modern take on traditions with culinary experiments, tech-forward entertainment and futuristic gifting ideas

12 Nov 2023

Bowled over the great Ramen revolution

Versatility, adaptability and the ability to harmonise diverse flavours has made ramen an Indian culinary favourite

29 Oct 2023

Tummo: Beneath your breath

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the shamans and sages, modern ‘breathfluencers’ are paving the way for a new kind of healing

22 Oct 2023

Join the ectoin band as your one-stop solution to all skin conditions

The lesser-known, multi-functional skincare ingredient has emerged as a game-changer for its remarkable efficacy in treating a host of skin conditions

23 Jul 2023

Summer self-care, simplified

Upgrade personal care this season with the hottest beauty routines 

11 Jun 2023

The look: Outfits, skin, hair and nail inspirations for this summer

Russian doll lips, bubble gloss nails, cloud makeup, skin smoothies, micro bobs and sassy wigs are ruling the roost

28 May 2023

Spool solace: A story on 'the boy who knits with love'

He started in 2019, when he was 29 years old and suffered from anxiety disorder due to an increasing workload

16 Apr 2023

Renewals and regrets

Sarod maestro Biswajit Roy Chowdhury on eccentric gurus and how Bollywood tunes are overtaking classical music

26 Mar 2023

Mumbai-based Studio Renn fires up fifth avenue, showcases designs at Bergdorf Goodman

Fine jewellery brand, Studio Renn, showcases its designs at New York’s iconic luxury store, Bergdorf Goodman

19 Mar 2023

The accidental guitar man

To help people make informed decisions regarding road safety and injuries at large, Dr Rajeev Kelkar provides punctilious analysis and solutions

05 Mar 2023

Product Review: Swiss Beauty’s Magical Festive Box

One of the best ways a brand can display its signature products is through a limited-edition box

08 Jan 2023

Product review: Colorbar’s Sexy Twosome Highlighter

Colorbar’s Sexy Twosome Highlighter turned out to be a great product for a polished makeup look

25 Sep 2022

Try West African peanut stew in Senegalese-style

Originally the staple food of the Mandinkas of Mali, the Mafe has become popular globally

07 Aug 2022

The Brain Backup: Neuroergonomic tactics can save the day

Neuroergonomics is an emerging science that, among other things, helps manage the cognitive burden

12 Jun 2022

Product review: Queen Kit by Insight offers 13 epic make-up products like Liquid Illuminator and Master Concealer

Queen Kit by Insight with 13 make-up products packed into a diamond-shaped sling bag comes at its attractive best

24 Apr 2022

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