Ayesha Singh

Product Review: Swiss Beauty’s Magical Festive Box

One of the best ways a brand can display its signature products is through a limited-edition box

08 Jan 2023

Product review: Double delight with the Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair

The Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair is a pocket-friendly, dual-purpose mask. Once you open the seal, a zip-log packet contains the powder that is unscented

20 Nov 2022

In the ink of health, technology introduces intradermal tattoos

Colour-changing tattoos that help monitor several diseases are being considered the next frontier of at-home diagnosis

20 Nov 2022

Product review: Kosmoderma Ultra Moisture Blast face and body moisturiser

The active ingredient in the formulation is lactic acid (1 percent), which helps reduce flakiness and dryness

06 Nov 2022

Product Review - Perfection in personal care

We recently tried Carmesi’s facial razor for women and it proved itself as a useful personal care product for several reasons

30 Oct 2022

Product review: Colorbar’s Sexy Twosome Highlighter

Colorbar’s Sexy Twosome Highlighter turned out to be a great product for a polished makeup look

25 Sep 2022

Lip crush: Simply Nam’s hydrating lip butters tick the right boxes

It’s the chemical compound, squalane, to thank here, which easily penetrates the skin, providing sufficient hydration to the lips

18 Sep 2022

Product review: SunScoop offers several sunscreen variants including matte, invisible, fluid and glow

Protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays is a priority, therefore, I like to try different sunscreens to see which one suits my needs best

04 Sep 2022

Cure insomnia in 60 seconds with acupressure!

Also known as shamen or the ‘spirit gate’ in traditional Chinese medicine, stroking this pressure point is a quick, do-it-yourself method to calm those nerves and put yourself into a deep slumber

04 Sep 2022

Weapon of mass construction: How to lose weight the healthy way?

Body recomposition, where one loses fat while gaining muscle mass, is a fitness approach that health experts are increasingly betting their bottom dollar on

04 Sep 2022

Product review: Kay Beauty's gel eye pencils

They come in seven colours — gold, silver, blue, green, bronze, olive and rose gold

28 Aug 2022

The ugly side of filtered beauty: Unreal standards set by social media

Despite digital filters on social media setting impossible beauty standards and encouraging plastic surgery, avant-garde algorithms continue to dictate the idea of ‘perfect’ beauty

28 Aug 2022

Product review: Trudiance's new creme lipsticks

They pack the goodness of hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil, both of which are extremely moisturising

21 Aug 2022

Okinawa: Lessons from ‘Island of Immortals’

Hara Hachi Bu teaches one to eat mindfully

21 Aug 2022

Try West African peanut stew in Senegalese-style

Originally the staple food of the Mandinkas of Mali, the Mafe has become popular globally

07 Aug 2022

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