Rocketry Workshop hosted by SREC in Coimbatore

Participants will be provided with two rocket kits as part of the session

1 hour ago

Karpagam university to host an airshow along with a technical symposium

The day-long event list will include paper presentations, a technical quiz and a glider competition

2 hours ago

The Nature Aquarium Festival

Still waters

14 Feb 2019

Movie screening, Aedan: Garden of Desire

70 mm canvas

14 Feb 2019

The UnBox Festival 2019

Tech talk

14 Feb 2019

 Comedy Processing Unit is hosting the second edition of Comedy Super Kings

Featuring talent from CPU’s own roster, the show will include city-based comedians Faiyaaz Hussain, Sanjay Dhanush and Arun Balaji

14 Feb 2019

Chefs Dan Hong, Mark Olive and popular food writer Melissa Leong are back with The Chefs' Line

The show that premieres on February 11 will showcase 10 cuisines from across the world

10 Feb 2019

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