Deepali Singh

A tribute to multiplicity: Remembering one of India's leading artists Vivan Sundaram

A retrospective during the first-ever Art Mumbai focussed on Vivan Sundaram’s varied work and the socio-political issues he addressed

27 Nov 2023

Old-world Charm

It is the first time that the two-actor Old World has been staged in India—it opened at the Prithvi Theatre Festival 2023 on November 4 in Mumbai—by Naseer’s theatre group, Motley

12 Nov 2023

Kahwa and Quinces in Kashmir

Exploring local markets, foraging and cooking with seasonal ingredients are the perfect way to experience the valley’s cuisine

22 Oct 2023

Art of darkness

Zafar Karachiwala plays a jaded theatre critic in the adaptation of Irish playwright Conor McPherson’s St. Nicholas

22 Oct 2023

Notes from Ground Ziro

The enchanting valley in Arunachal Pradesh provides the perfect backdrop for the 10th edition of the Ziro Music Festival

09 Oct 2023

Extra butter: The Mumbai boutique bringing a cinematic streetwear experience to India

Brothers Ankur and Nick Amin of Extra Butter, a popular New York streetwear and lifestyle brand, return to Mumbai for their first international flagship store

01 Oct 2023

More than just laughs: This gripping drama has more to offer 

Written by award-winning British playwright Alan Ayckbourn, the play recently had its premiere for its second run at the NCPA’s Experimental Theatre

01 Oct 2023

An ode to icons:  IKEA launches a new collection to celebrate 80 successful years in home-making

Everything, from side tables, plant stands, hat and coat stands to paper napkins, rugs, cushion covers, pillowcases and stools, has been updated to meet the distinctive choices of the next generation

18 Sep 2023

Stand-up standout

Urooj Ashfaq becomes the first Indian to win at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards

17 Sep 2023

Survival of the toughest: A play on how three Indian soldiers stayed sane at the face of death

Aditya Rawal’s play, Siachen, attempts to understand why India and Pakistan continue to send their soldiers to the world’s coldest battlefield

25 Jun 2023

From Broadway to bay: Director Trishla Patel explores various themes, emotions in her latest story

Reviving The Graduate for Indian audiences, director Trishla Patel explores various themes and emotions in this coming-of-age story

18 Jun 2023

Sky is Not the Limit

With hot air balloons and helicopter rides, history beckons travellers to explore an ancient region deep in the heart of Saudi Arabia

21 May 2023

It’s the time to disco: Rajeev Goswami brings burst of nostalgia with Disco Dancer

Director-choreographer Rajeev Goswami brings a burst of nostalgia on stage with his adaptation of Mithun Chakraborty’s Disco Dancer

23 Apr 2023