Dyuti Roy

On track to transform urban spaces

A collective of inter-disciplinary creatives has been actively working with Delhiites to redefine the city and create more inclusive and accessible public spaces

15 hours ago

Introducing a world of galactic wonders

Rohit Chawla, a former business management professional from Faridabad, shares that he has always been fascinated by the sky

18 May 2022

Photographer Anuj Ambalal is retracing Gandhi’s March to Dandi at an exhibition

Years after the Salt March by Mahatma Gandhi, a photographer documents the journey that plays a pivotal role in Indian history

16 May 2022

Let your home exude summer vibes

Running out of ideas to give your interiors a facelift this season? Incorporate these unique ideas suggested by three designers from Delhi 

09 May 2022

Furry friends with a cause

We speak to people from Delhi-NCR who affirm that canine-assisted therapy benefits social, emotional and cognitive functioning

06 May 2022

Butterfly diversity in Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University chronicles hued flights

While over the years, the Delhi Biodiversity Parks have examined these green zones, there are areas that remain in the shadows.

05 May 2022

Exploring the magic of ragas

Mahima Dayal blends Hindustani classical and folk music with different contemporary genres to create a symphonic medley.

29 Apr 2022

Delhi NCR artists speak about creating miniature objects

Two artists from Delhi-NCR speak about honing the skill of creating miniature objects and discuss the growing popularity of this fun craft

27 Apr 2022

Documenting Delhi’s winged residents

So this became a passion project,” shares Kumar, who regularly shuttles between Moti Nagar and the WWI headquarters, Dehradun. 

27 Apr 2022

Reviving the art of poetry

In the film Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams’ character Professor Keating mentions: ‘We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race

18 Apr 2022

Leading the charge in craft revival

Official figures suggest that India is home to about seven million artisans skilled in various crafts

13 Apr 2022

Sharing stories to shape the future

Storytelling is an art that has been part of almost every culture and society for eons. Earlier, epics such as Homer’s Iliad or Vyasa’s Mahabharata were sung by bards.

12 Apr 2022

India Art Festival is back with an array of works by both emerging and master artists

After a two-year hiatus, this art festival is back to the Capital with an array of works by both emerging and master artists

08 Apr 2022

Offering a pathway to relearn co-existence

This educational organisation attempts to create an archive of oral histories while initiating culture tours focused on the harmony between communities in India

06 Apr 2022

Stand-up comedian Seema Golchha is never alone on stage

Over the years—she has been performing for about 10 years now—Golchha has introduced Darwin the monkey, Ali the alligator, and other vent figures

05 Apr 2022

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