Farah Khatoon

Six tips for a lustrous mane this summer by Evolvere Salon Solutions

Praver Kachroo, Founder and CEO of Evolvere Salon Solutions shares tips to maintain healthy hair during summer

28 Mar 2020

Bollywood actor Taaha Shah Badusha makes his Hollywood debut with Draupadi Unleashed

Bollywood actor Taaha Shah Badusha bags a Holly film and believes it’s the start of exciting time in his career

27 Mar 2020

Opancho Shoes adds kitten, almond toes and wedge heels to their new collection

Style and comfort can go hand in hand and Opancho Shoes’ latest edit proves just that

27 Mar 2020

Sukriti Kakkar partners with rapper Badshah again in debutante Sahil Arya's Out of Control 

Kar Gayi Chull singer Sukriti Kakkar collaborates with rapper Badshah in the summer anthem, Out of Control

27 Mar 2020

Nisha M Loyalka now on Theatre Road, Kolkata offers contemporary and traditional ensembles for men, women and children

Nisha M Loyalka has a new address and her line-up has contemporary as well as ethnic ensembles 

27 Mar 2020

After a 10-year sabbatical, Nitish Pires is back with a new album, Fateh

Singer Nitish Pires is back with his album Fateh and with the belief that ‘everything is possible’

27 Mar 2020

These five tools will help your fitness goals this summer

These fuve essentials will aid you in getting a toned body this summer

24 Mar 2020

Immunity booster: Tips by SastaSundar Genu to build your immunity

Dr Bhaskar Bhattacharya tell you what to add to your diet to build your first line of defence agianst COVID-19 

24 Mar 2020

Dietitian Nmami Agarwal focuses on protein-rich diet to build immunity against COVID-19

Protein plays a key role in building immunity thereby fighting the novel corona virus says dietitian  Nmami Agarwal

20 Mar 2020

Kolkata’s DJ Steve is set to delve deep into the world of hip-hop music

DJ Steve who has been juggling two professions till now, decides to delve deep into music and leave a mark

20 Mar 2020

OTT is back as Hammer and you can start your Sunday with a lavish brunch

OTT is now Hammer and you can brunch in the day and lounge at night in the revamped property

19 Mar 2020

Kolkata Centre for Creativity’s Grace puts the focus back on local ingredients with its new menu

Grace’s new menu packs local flavours with a modern presentation that is truly artistic

19 Mar 2020

Kay Kay Menon joins a mission to nab terror masterminds in Hotstar’s Special Ops

Kay Kay Menon plays the character of Himmat Singh in Special Ops and talks about unsung heroes

19 Mar 2020

Prem’s Collections in Kolkata is a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs

Prem L Bhambani opens his first retail store in Kolkata and it’s a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs

19 Mar 2020

Fitness alert: Animal flow trainer Kez Klien promotes core and strength training at Skulpt in Kolkata

Kez Klien believes animal flow is a confluence between yoga and break dancing

18 Mar 2020

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