Gopika Krishnan

This restaurant is called Madurai Mutton Curry & man is it good!

Chef RK’s new restaurant brings to you the flavours of Madurai with aatu kaal paaya and kavuni arisi

05 Sep 2018

Thali & fondue for lunch?

Bangalore Agarwal Bhavan raises the bar on choice by a mile

14 Sep 2017

This food truck in Thiruvanmiyur serves delicious Tibetan fare

From thukpa to chicken shyapta, experience Tibetan flavours, brought to you from inside a truck

07 Sep 2017

Hyderabad-based Tempteys launches its franchise in Chennai

With ice cream shakes in flavours as diverse as bubble gum and green tea, Tempteys launches its Chennai 
franchise at OMR.

24 Aug 2017

Get ready for the Bite of France Festival

French food, art and music meet at the first Bite of France festival

15 Aug 2017

Surfing for crepes at Sandy Bottom Cafe

Get a wholesome breakfast fix at Sandy Bottom Cafe, with tuna salad and muesli-yogurt -fruit jars as highlights 

15 Aug 2017

Here's why you should try quinoa from Peru 

From purple corn to lucuma, here's more than one reason to go ga ga over Peruvian superfoods

03 Aug 2017

This pizzeria tops bases with Wasabi and Prawn Pesto

For the pizza fanatic in you, here’s a new restaurant that gives you unlimited portions at an unbelievable price

27 Jul 2017

Salute to great music: Thaikkudam Bridge's new album, Namah

The lead guitarist of the Kochi-based band lets us in on what fans can expect in their upcoming album

30 Jun 2017

Carla Fendi, dies at 79 

Carla Fendi was one of the five sisters who own the Italian fashion brand- Fendi

20 Jun 2017

No Strings Attached serves noodles on pizzas and in samosas

No SNtrings Attached, a new restaurant in the city specialises in noodles and dishes infused with it. 

15 Jun 2017

​Vernac metal meets rap rock at Fête de la Musique, Chennai

Setting a platform for city-based bands and ndependent musicians, Alliance Française celebrates world music day

17 Jun 2017

ICF breaks the stereotypical ambience of a factory 

ICF now sports an artsy ambience, with works by artists from Bengaluru and Chennai

10 Jun 2017

Scooped, new ice cream bar in the city provides nostalgia in a cone 

Scooped, a new ice cream bar in Velachery, serves up cold stone concoctions mixed with jelly beans and peanut candy  

08 Jun 2017

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