Jitha Karthikeyan

On the canvas of endearing expressions

The SMS perhaps started it all. With each word being charged, hapless phone users had to snip and chop words until they bore no resemblance to what it was

25 Nov 2022

Painting moustaches, sculpting beards

This is the month to celebrate that vast expanse of hair over the upper lip. It’s ‘Movember’, when outrageous moustaches parade the streets for a cause

11 Nov 2022

Seeking freedom through art 

As he struggles to settle into life once more after his prison term, the inmates at Thane Central Prison continue to seek him for artistic guidance.

03 Nov 2022

Breathe easy in the warmth of art

The third wave has abated. Life is getting back to where we last left it.

24 Mar 2022

She paints, she creates and so she is

The realm of art, it is said, does not indulge in definitions of boundaries, gender, caste or religion

10 Mar 2022

A canvas sans censorship and chains

The question of freedom in art has been debated much over the years. But how do we ensure that one man’s joy isn’t another’s regret?

28 Jan 2022

Painting history on canvas

From clearance sales of mammoth tusks to mega launches of grandfather clocks, the world has certainly seen the rise and fall of many commodities

16 Dec 2021

Kochi Biennale Foundation's latest largescale art show features works of 140 artists with their roots in Kerala

Bose Krishnamachari — artist, curator and co-founder of the Kochi Muziris Biennale — succeeded in planning a large-scale exhibition with 140 artists during the pandemic

27 Nov 2021

Art with a heart is a friend indeed

As far back as our memories can stretch, for most of us, the New Year always brought in a few calendars, diaries and yearly planners

27 Sep 2021