Justin Nathaniel

Singer Ahin Viswam’s song Sanchari takes you on a rock 'n' roll journey 

We spoke to the artiste about his work, future projects and more...  

26 Mar 2021

This artist uses watercolour, acrylic paints and micro tip pens to create striking artwork 

Artist Pallavi Shankar talks about what goes into her work

25 Mar 2021

Women's Day special: 10 Indian visual artists on our radar 

Let's take a look at 10 independent visual artists who all share a passion for the arts and are dedicated to supporting women and sharing their stories while helping them in their pursuit of it. 

25 Mar 2021

Women's Day special: Top female jazz musicians we recommend listening to 

The best female jazz players and vocalists possess their own personalities truly holding their own in the industry

06 Mar 2021

Our guide on how to make it big as an independent musician

We speak to experts to find out how you can navigate the industry

26 Feb 2021

An introduction to the music of late legendary jazz pianist Chick Corea

The artiste recorded over 90 albums in his six-decade long career. Here are a few albums to get you started:

19 Feb 2021

Eight songs to set the mood this Valentine's Day

Here are some songs for your date night with that special someone

13 Feb 2021

Seven live music gigs in Bengaluru to look forward to

Live gigs are finally back and here are a couple you don’t want to miss

13 Feb 2021

Eight cover songs by Indian bands that are as good as the originals

From Tool and Justin Bieber, to Rahman classics, these bands give their own spin to these chart-toppers 

11 Feb 2021

A beginner's guide to electronic music

If you’re a stranger to electronic music here’s a list of albums that can help you go down the electronic music path and discover a new experience

05 Feb 2021

Ten must-watch movies for music lovers 

Movies about musicians can give us an inside view of their life and inspire us to follow our dreams

04 Feb 2021

Sidharth Praveen talks about his new track Wrath, a song about healing

The song is an ode to film scorers such as Hans Zimmer, David Julyan and Trent Reznor

01 Feb 2021

Rubin Mathias on his new song, Demon Princess, and its anime influences 

The guitarist takes you on an exciting journey of a brave princess warrior, with his new post-rock song

29 Jan 2021

Five indie artistes to look out for this year

Here are some young musicians that are on our radar 

28 Jan 2021