Kannalmozhi Kabilan

Akshay N’s tragicomedy play, Undertrials draws attention to delivery of mob justice by cops and injustice to innocent people

Amitabh Parashar’s The Eyes of Darkness revealed an unseen reality; that Bihar continued to see this brand of mob justice rendered to ‘criminals’, sometimes even teenage girls and boys

26 May 2022

International Museum Day: Enthusiasts discuss the state of museums in the city

On the occasion of International Museum Day, ardent enthusiasts discuss the state of museums in the city and where they would like it to go

18 May 2022

Sreevathson V’s play ‘Title’ highlights the murkiness in ancestral property law and reliance on Manusmriti in this era

Oho Productions’ latest work Title, written and directed by Sreevathson V, is about one such battle women wage against patriarchy

03 May 2022

Kathaiyalla Vaazhkai by Prasanna Ramaswamy: A play that says a thousand words

Mindful of the freedom offered by the visual and incredibly physical medium, Prasanna takes the risk to push beyond

05 Apr 2022

Imagining Imayam in theatrical realism

Prasanna Ramaswamy details the plans in place for her next production, Kathaiyalla Vaazhkai — a theatrical expression of some of Imayam’s short stories

31 Mar 2022

For the dawn of dignity

The term ‘third gender’ finds a place in too many areas of life, despite active opposition from the transgender community

31 Mar 2022

Poet Sukirtharani discusses the success of her recent book releases

She also shares her ambitions for Tamil women’s poetry and the assertion of politics behind it all

16 Mar 2022

DakshinaChitra’s annual Utsavam all set to host professor A Mangai’s play — Ulluram (Inner Resolve)

With this play, Mangai hopes to open up conversations — without judgement — on the many levels of troubles that we’ve long since normalised

02 Mar 2022

Poet A Vennila, a Kalaignar MU Karunanidhi Porkizhi Award recipient, shares her thoughts on receiving the award

Vennila, on her part, never saw awards as a cause for celebration but as a symbol of recognition; of the work and the time that went into it

01 Mar 2022

Twice the celebration at Chennai’s DANK restobar for their anniversary!

“We had three focus areas  — food, music and service — when we started and we are still focusing on that. We brought in artists from different parts of the country, the world”

26 Feb 2022

Dining by the sea made intimate

Secret Bay offers you the freshest of seafood with the indulgence of a great view, right on the shores of Mahabalipuram

24 Feb 2022

The making of a poet

Recognition is difficult to come by for those actively working in the area of Tamil literature.

24 Feb 2022

When the Little Prince comes calling in Tamil

In the vast emptiness of the Sahara desert, a grown-up met a little prince and my life has never been the same since.

22 Feb 2022

One good quiz for all

Murugappa Group’s quiz this weekend on the theme of ‘be good, do good’ is one that can be enjoyed by all, not just quizzers

17 Feb 2022

Revisiting Rajasthan on canvas

With Rajasthan coming alive in his paintings, K Murugesan brings scenes of the people and the way of life in the desert to Chennai  

15 Feb 2022

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