Khushboo Ramnane

Hunger games: Fostering healthy relationship with food

“Avoid this by following a simple thumb rule—eat less than you can burn. This may prevent a host of diseases,” says Dr Raja Selvarajan, a Bengaluru-based diabetologist

18 Sep 2022

Recipe: Chef Varun Totlani’s Phalsa sorbet with fresh Kokum salad

After a day spent gallivanting around hot and humid Mumbai, ordering Varun Totlani’s Cactus-Cucumber Salad at Masque is a piece of cool heaven

26 Jun 2022

Cutting the story sweet: Rachel Goenka's shahi tukda cinnamon rolls with a twist

Her venture, The Sassy Spoon, started in 2012 and soon grew to over 10 restaurants across Mumbai and Pune

19 Jun 2022

What is a ‘dopamine fast’, the latest wellness trend all about?

Dopamine fast, the hottest new wellness trend, involves staying away from all stimulations, including social media, shopping, gaming and indulgent foods, for a decided period

05 Jun 2022

The Mawphlang Sacred Grove in Meghalaya is a must-visit wonderland that has been preserved marvellously by locals!

The Mawphlang Sacred Grove is no ordinary forest, being among India’s most popular sacred groves which are protected by the communities living around it

01 May 2022

From Gulmohar to moringa flowers, here are some fast-vanishing, indigenous flowers that serve as edible treasures

Indians have been consuming flowers, not just as garnishing, but sautéed and stir-fried as well. Creative uses have been mentioned in our ancient texts like Lokapakara, Ni’matnama and Supa Shastra

17 Apr 2022

Immersive itineraries 

Foraging, slow cooking, emotional healing—here’s how you can holiday mindfully at some of India’s finest destinations

27 Mar 2022

Power couples unite! Here are some success stories of businesses in the wellness sector run by couples:

From e-clinics to e-classes and e-consultations, these couples moved between independent and interdependent careers and lives and achieved high-level professional success

06 Mar 2022

Collateral advantage

Several women who started earning for the first time by selling home food get an unexpected boost, facilitated by aggregating platforms

14 Feb 2022

A handy guide to optimising your TV viewing experience

Tweaking some basic controls can elevate your TV viewing experience

23 Jan 2022

Snakercise: Bite-sized workouts that fit into the busiest of schedules

Can’t commit to an hour-long workout at fixed times? Try a snackercise.

23 Jan 2022

What are superfoods? Here's the superfoods guide

Whether it's the variety of millets available in Karnataka or amaranth from Himachal Pradesh or pure turmeric from Salem in Tamil Nadu, the book throws light on their importance

09 Jan 2022

She has Sindh: Rich tapestry of a homeland by the Indus

Rightly called 'Doorway to Sindh', these are explorations into different periods through architecture and cultural mapping available on Facebook and Instagram

26 Dec 2021