Mahima Anna Jacob

Art over a cup of hazelnut latte

How about some good food with a side of art? At David Hall art gallery, indulge in a snack or two in between appreciating art. Pandhal Cafe & Deli has opened at David Hall.

15 Oct 2022

Mallu swag on African pitch

Representing the United Republic of Tanzania in T20 cricket,  the two are now emerging stars in Africa. Donning a national team’s jersey, they say, is like living a dream.

11 Oct 2022

Around Europe in 60 days

How to plan a Europe trip, without hurting your wallet? TNIE finds out from globetrotting couple Lentin Joseph and Aleena Johny

04 Oct 2022

Lub-dub... luv-dub...

Pause for a moment and feel your heartbeat. Cardiac ailments are on the rise. A little care goes a long way 
in avoiding complications

29 Sep 2022

A ‘trippin’ song

Rufus Johns’s debut track is all about a trip down the memory lane

20 Sep 2022

Spirit of Punjab on a grand platter

TNIE checks out Hoy Punjab’s first outlet in south India

17 Sep 2022

Hungry for more - from sushi to biryani

Ajay and Fasil bonded over the dining table, and now they share the joy of good food with Malayalis across the world

10 Sep 2022

Aarppo to Urumboottu

This Onam, go beyond sadya and the idiot box. TNIE lists 10 activities you could try out to make the festival a memorable one

08 Sep 2022

Sketching lost wonders

Artist Sajith Panackan’s frames are deep dive into nature and its beauties, now invisible to the naked eye

06 Sep 2022

Rise and SHYNe, Kochi

Kochi residents welcome city police campaigns focusing on apartment complexes

01 Sep 2022

Raring to row

The Kerala Police Team has been training vigorously for the Nehru Trophy Vallamkali

01 Sep 2022

Riding The hues of India

Roshin K S completed his journey to Kashmir on a Bajaj CT 100. After 160 days and many adventures, 
he is back in Tripunithura

30 Aug 2022

‘Trip’ to the streets of Cairo via Kochi

Egyptian folk music played by men wearing white jellabiya welcomes one to the ‘Streets of Cairo’ food festival at Marriott’s ‘Kochi Kitchen’ restaurant.

27 Aug 2022

Soothing Kerala’s cravings

Sisters Shilpa and Sneha have been exploring Kerala’s culinary delights for three years

20 Aug 2022

Snack ‘em and carry on

Evenings wouldn’t be complete without a cup of tea and a plate of some hot snacks.

20 Aug 2022

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