Mahima Anna Jacob

Return to retro

K Bhaskaran Unnithan and his grandkids are blending the old and new. Their YouTube channel familiarises the new generation to old music

3 hours ago

Safe and sound with a bit of speed

Nihas Salahudeen found his dream career in artfully painting the helmets of racers. With chaotic designs, the artist carefully combines the riders’ emotions with his clever ideas

21 Jan 2022

Burning desires

Fasil was born with limitations. But his passion for football beats them all

15 Jan 2022

Kerala-based sculptor and artist John Baby weaves toys out of palm leaves

Artist and sculptor John Baby weaves toys out of palm leaves. He believes that such organic creations can stimulate the minds of kids unlike guns, JCB, and cars

14 Jan 2022

Kochi-based chef Mili Antony has ‘Sweet Little’ fixes for your sugar cravings

Mili Antony, who has undergone exclusive training in brownies at Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts, makes soft, gooey brownies

13 Jan 2022

Thiruvananthapuram-based Deepa S John one of three Indian participants in motorsport event Formula Woman

Formula Woman is a UK-based initiative that aims to bring more women into the sport

13 Jan 2022

Kochi-based R.E.A.D club introduces ‘Happiness Jar’, to remember the good moments in life

The club encourages children and adults to make notes of the happy moments and put them in a jar, and look back at them at the end of the year to feel better

13 Jan 2022

Alex Babu’s Sancharam spoof video takes social media by storm

Alex Babu’s Sancharam spoof video that highlights the dire state of the capital city has taken social media by storm

07 Jan 2022

A ‘holesome’ campaign

Jaison Antony's Facebook campaign titled #Kaalankuzhi sees him taking pictures of the potholes and then adding a quirky illustration of Lord Yama (Kaalan) to them using photoshop.

06 Jan 2022

A baking adventure

Tabitha Anna Kurian picked up her love for baking from her grandmother. Now, she is spreading the joy

06 Jan 2022

New year new hopes for Kochi

2022 is a year full of ambitions.

01 Jan 2022

Spice up your Xmas 

Baker Jeny John introduces spiced rum cake this Christmas for the sweet lovers  

23 Dec 2021

Wheels of time

Sanoj K P from Wayanad tells stories of our villages and their bygone days using bamboo figurines

22 Dec 2021

National Energy Conservation Day 2021: Tourist boats to be made eco friendly in Kerala

The public sector agencies in Kerala which operate the tourist vessels, ferries and barges will take an eco-friendly route in 2022.

14 Dec 2021

Art of defiance

Archana Murali, a NIFT graduate and visual artist, is using many dimensions of her craft to send out powerful messages

10 Dec 2021

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