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A passionate travel writer with travel sickness, Manju Latha Kalanidhi thrives on variety, spice, flattery and everything Hyderabadi. A social media smartass, she gets excited learning new things in life, making entries into her bucket list, ticking off things on her to-do list and living each moment with swag and sass. A firm believer in the Law of Attraction, she thinks life must be lived in style and that she is the right one to advise everyone on how to go about it in her role as a lifestyle magazine editor.

A Woman’s Place: Group of underprivileged women in Hyderabad find their calling, livelihood in  cloud kitchen

A group of underprivileged women in Hyderabad find their calling––and livelihood––in a cloud kitchen that serves authentic Nizami meals

16 Oct 2022

Regina Cassandra comes to reign: A brief insight into her work

With her latest release, Saakini Daakini, where she plays a feisty cop, actor Regina Cassandra is expanding her repertoire

25 Sep 2022

Building back better

Breathing life into abandoned structures, three architects are painting Kozhikode green with their adaptive reuse design philosophy

18 Sep 2022

A Mesopotamian romance: Gurugram-based fine fragrance firm captures perfume profiles

AI-created bespoke fragrances are taking this perfume company places with Indian and international businesses booming

21 Aug 2022

Frustrating when person is visible only under the ethnicity umbrella: Northeast actor Andrea

Andrea Kevichusa of Anek believes in keeping calm, even as she gets celebrated, and sometimes discriminated against, for her roots

07 Aug 2022

Telugu pop singer Vamsi Kalakuntla's ‘My Love’ is an instant hit

Dallas-based singer-composer-lyricist Vamsi Kalakuntla’s niche music combines Western inspiration and regional elements

31 Jul 2022

Digital traceability: Know the history of your coffee bean from birth to boiling water

Do you know where your coffee bean is from? How do you know that your Robusta is what it says it is? How can you trust what the brand says about its coffee?

31 Jul 2022

Bengaluru's Cloudphysician Healthcare: Leveraging tech in healthcare

Cloudphysician Healthcare has assimilated medical experts with high-end tech to replicate the ‘ICU in a box model’

17 Jul 2022

Meet Kerala's women-only travel group: 'Appooppanthaadi'

Sajna Ali, whose women-only travel group hits its 400th trip milestone this year, plans to adopt responsible tourism and float a travel fellowship

17 Jul 2022

Making mythological waves: Anand Neelakantan’s new audio drama ‘Nala’s Damayanti’

Audio over the video, says writer Anand Neelakantan who is riding high on his new audio drama Nala’s Damayanti this summer

19 Jun 2022

Tanniru Sravan shares tips, tricks for smart travel with his YouTube channel, Travel With Sravan

Telugu techie Tanniru Sravan clocked in his 30th country visit in nine years this May

12 Jun 2022

Chennai artists await approval for art walls across city

A 500-metre artistic panel by Tamil Nadu Artists Association will feature Tirukkurral’s sayings, if the project gets approved by the Chennai Corporation

12 Jun 2022

Recipe: Chef Bhawar Singh's khichdi with a cheesy twist

Khichdi is India’s ancient comfort food, which is also mentioned in Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta’s Indian travelogue in 1350. It has now become cheesy!

05 Jun 2022

Here is celebrity chef Manish Mehrotra's recipe for the Badam Chilla Pizza!

The culinary director of Indian Accent restaurants in New Delhi and New York, Chef Mehrotra is unapologetic about adding badam (almonds), besan, ajwain, hing and even garam masala to his pizza

29 May 2022

Writer, director Makrand Despande on his play, Balatkar—Please Stop It:

Deshpande is a veteran theatre actor and a playwright who is known for his work as an actor in mainstream cinema

29 May 2022

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