Nishant Arora

Flip phones are back! Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is worth your pocket, with same nostalgia

The phones are pricced at upwards of Rs 1 lakh 

21 Mar 2020

As India badly needs a 'desi' Facebook, will Prime Minister Narendra Modi deliver?

Is there anything 'desi' in store for those in India, who can't keep away from Facebook, Insta and Twitter?

03 Mar 2020

Food apps alert! Fake outlets thrive on Swiggy and Zomato, leaving users in distress

How are fake, spurious and closed restaurants and food shops are being allowed on food delivery platforms that have become a nuisance for users, frequently leaving them in anguish?

04 Jan 2020

Reliance e-commerce plans may spoil 2020 party for Amazon, Flipkart

The discount-driven approach which Reliance has mastered reflects in whatever vertical they put their money into, expert says 

30 Dec 2019

Mobile phone leader Xiaomi set to launch disrupting IoT products in India in 2020

"We think there's an incredible opportunity to serve Indian customers with world-class smart home products," says  Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and MD, Xiaomi India

18 Dec 2019

This NASA-ISRO joint mission is set to crunch critical space data up in the cloud

It's time to democratise humongous data available via NASA and space agencies like ISRO, to boost space research via next-gen Cloud computing.

08 Dec 2019

Waking up to the Facebook catastrophe: How Mark 'Zucked' his brand image

Facebook is perhaps the best example of how a great idea of connecting with family and friends online can become a catastrophe in just 15 years of its existence.

08 Apr 2019

Hit 'Refresh' to transform your life, the Satya Nadella way 

Title: Hit Refresh; Author: Satya Nadella; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 272; Price: Rs 599

26 Sep 2017

'Super-premium' iPhone X faces great Samsung firewall in India 

To be made available on November 3, iPhone X will cost Rs 89,000 (64GB) variant while the 256GB version will cost Rs 102,000.

13 Sep 2017

Will Apple be around in 2075? Ask IBM

The company was incorporated as Apple Computer Inc. in 1977 and was renamed Apple Inc. in 2007 to reflect its shifted focus toward consumer electronics.

19 Apr 2017