Paloma Rao

Paloma at home: A sari shoot, cricket fever and a virtual award ceremony

Here's a fun rewind of all the highlights from the past week

24 Sep 2020

Paloma at home: At a virtual fashion show everyone gets a front-row seat!

A quick rewind of last week's highlights

17 Sep 2020

Paloma about town: A talent factory, poetry reading and a li'l shopping

Here's a quick recap of the highlights from the past week in Chennai

09 Sep 2020

Paloma at home: A week of sadhya and sari loving for Onam!

Social media was abuzz with yummy food spread across banana leaves and festive ensembles

03 Sep 2020

Paloma at home: Fashion, cake and a dose of thrift shopping

From bingeing on cake decoration videos to a healthy amount of Instagram stalking, here is everything that I have been up to over the past week

26 Aug 2020

Saying goodbye to Dhoni and a week of tricolor pride all over Instagram

All the highlights from this past week!

20 Aug 2020

Paloma at home: National Lipstick day to Handloom Day, social media had themes aplenty this week!

Our timelines were flooded with women in beautiful saris and went down the Internet rabbit hole from one make-up tutorial to the next

13 Aug 2020

Paloma about town: Conversations about coral reefs, cooking and Instagram love

A roound-up of some of the fun happenings in the city from the past week

06 Aug 2020

Paloma at home: Zoom inspired fashion, cat babysitting and Chennai artists we love!

All the fun and quirky bits that Paloma Rao gets up to while in quarantine

17 Jul 2020

Paloma at home: Quirky mask diaries and a glimpse of the virtual office

Moving forward in the new normal, here are some of the highlights

09 Jul 2020

Paloma at home: Here's how to boost the mood in your home, in a matter of minutes!

Interior designers share their tips and tricks

02 Jul 2020

Paloma at home: TikTok videos, Instagram challenges and quiz fun!

Here's what is keeping folks entertained over the lockdown

25 Jun 2020

Paloma at home: Gearing up for lockdown 5.0

Stocking up, Netflix binges to come and a new lockdown-inspired book!

18 Jun 2020

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