Paramita Ghosh

'Beckham' docu-series review: A love letter to themselves

Beckham, a new four-part documentary on Netflix, on one of football’s greatest stars, is a vanity affair but it does have its moments

02 Nov 2023

Waiting in the wings

Publisher-photographer Naveen Kishore’s black and white series, ‘The Green Room of the Goddess’ captures the sensuous traffic between artists and the clay that goes into shaping a goddess and a woman.

13 Oct 2023

Fact, Fiction & a First Lady  

Textile designer Sanjay Garg has an unusual campaign video for his new collection, but the world’s still buzzing over ‘that’ Akshata Murty saree

21 Sep 2023

The way to look at trees

Delhi-based photographer Serena Chopra showcases part of her latest series, which takes inspiration from the Japanese concept of shinrin-yoku, in London

17 Sep 2023

Small rooms, but it’s a big picture

Notes from a walkthrough of ARTIX, India’s first hotel art fair in Delhi, where works of famous and emerging artists hang without hierarchy.

26 Aug 2023

There is no moving on; The past has always belonged to the present

Abir Abdullah, a veteran photographer from Bangladesh has shown the human condition in the backdrop of climate change, has for the first time been exhibited in Delhi.

22 Aug 2023

INTERVIEW: South Asia’s 20th Century not a Greek tragedy as it wasn’t inevitable: Joya Chatterji

Unlike other books on the subcontinent that study the region through the prism of politics, Joya Chatterji’s new book 'Shadows at Noon' focuses on the food, leisure and households of India, Pakistan.

16 Aug 2023

‘You are shaped by your soil however far you go’

The penalty of being a British-era jailor who set Indians free, a dog as a narrator, and a string of bad boys of Gorakhpur. Author Omair Ahmad on how the folklore of his city fed his new book.

07 Aug 2023

For the record: Mrinal Pande on her new book 'Sahela Re'

A conversation with Mrinal Pande on her new book of a Delhi girl tracing the decline of India’s musical gharanas and the intimacy between artistes and listeners of yore.

02 Aug 2023