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Marvel unveils seven new prose novels and audiobooks featuring its superheroes

Marvel’s out to capture and conquer every possible content medium.

16 Aug 2019

Rider alert: Rains crack open NH4, weekend bikers grow wary of this scenic route

Here’s what you need to know before your weekend ride to Pune or Goa.

06 Aug 2019

Number Neighbour: The latest hilarious viral trend on Twitter

From adopting dogs to meeting random racists, this is one unpredictable gag 

06 Aug 2019

Here’s why #SciencePrincess is trending on Twitter

A cryo-seismologist’s cosplay tweet has kickstarted an online whirlwind in the science and research community.

30 Jul 2019

Shootout at Gilroy Garlic Festival, gory turn of events in California

 Viral videos on social media sites showed people running for safety at the event. 

29 Jul 2019

Three of Hollywood’s biggest names team up for this sci-fi thriller, Gemini Man

The second trailer has already hit 1 million views!

29 Jul 2019

Over 4,00,000 people have pledged to storm Area 51 to see the ‘aliens’ inside!

The internet is going bonkers over the famed restricted area. Again.

12 Jul 2019

Men in Black fame actor Rip Torn, dead at 88

The Emmy-winner is also known for his role on HBO’s “The Larry Sanders Show”

10 Jul 2019

Geeks go ga-ga over Stan Lee’s
toy figurine from Marvel’s
cinematic universe

Especially that limited edition Guardians of the Galaxy figurine. 

05 Jul 2019

Netflix to create a series based on Neil Gaiman's critically acclaimed graphic novel Sandman

Once considered 'unfilmable', Sandman will soon be seen on the silver screen.

03 Jul 2019

Update your essential gadgets list since India now produces the world’s cheapest solar energy

Don’t stop with just soaking up that vitamin D!

05 Jul 2019

Vertigo, the iconic DC comics imprint behind Sandman and Preacher, rumoured to close

The publisher behind: V for Vendetta | Preacher | Sandman | Fables | Y: The Last Man

17 Jun 2019

Biggest titles announced at E3 2019, the world’s premier video game convention

We also find out, why Sony PlayStation is skipping the event?

10 Jun 2019

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