Preeti Verma Lal

On the high seas: A voyage to the beginning of the world

It’s a great time of the year to get on board a luxury cruiseliner, and we chose the Norwegian Getaway for a memorable holiday — until our next summer in the Caribbean, that is! This week, Indulge set

03 Nov 2017

Chef Zarmig, The Queen of Armenian Cuisine

In a rare, one-of-a-kind interaction, we caught up with Chef Zarmig Ohannes Haladjian on her first visit to India, offering lessons about each plate being a metaphor for life

06 Oct 2017

Finding Sir Don Bradman in his hometown, Bowral

As Sir Don Bradman would have turned 109 years old today, we visit his hometown in Australia.

30 Aug 2017

Taking the high road: The Rainforest Challenge in Goa

The Rainforest Challenge, one of  the world’s toughest motor races, is set to be flagged off in Goa this weekend.

24 Jul 2017