Rewati Rau

Excuse me, I need to speak to the Chief Happiness Officer: Pet-friendly staycations on the rise

Pet-friendly hotels and staycations have boomed with driving holidays looking at new personalised leisure vistas

26 Jun 2022

Voice of divine contemplation: Meet Dhrupad singer Pelva Naik

Pelva Naik, one of India’s few women Dhrupad singers, talks about the purity of the art form, the gender gap and making classical music accessible

26 Jun 2022

Above the fold: Into the world of Origami with artist Ankon Mitra

Origami artist and architect Ankon Mitra has experimented with 15 different materials to create stunning installations

12 Jun 2022

Iconic French-Indian artist couple Sakti Burman, Maite Delteil, daughter Maya Burman’s exhibition showcases stunning works

The Burman family, including Sakti’s French wife Maite Delteil and their daughter Maya, have made India’s art repertoire richer with their intricate and vibrant paintings

17 Apr 2022

Atul Dodiya’s solo exhibition in Delhi features his new collection of watercolours

A handpicked part of this work, 135 to be precise, is on display at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) in Delhi as an exhibition titled Walking With the Waves

10 Apr 2022

Exploration of the cosmos

Artist Jitish Kallat talks about his new works and inspirations as his latest solo exhibition goes on in Dubai

20 Feb 2022

Chaos, life, regeneration and power of women: Bharti Kher is back with Strange Attractors

The 59-year-old London-born Indian artist's exhibition of sculptures in New Delhi is a manifestation of the her idea of regeneration and solace

02 Jan 2022

River of Faith: Artist Jayasri Burman's 'giant' ode to the Ganges

Artist Jayasri Burman’s solo show of paintings and sculptures after more than a decade is a homage to the Ganges

19 Dec 2021

An abstractionist's guide to not deciphering art

Abstractionist Prabhakar Kolte feels art should be admired and not deciphered

06 Dec 2021

Passage to his India

Paresh Maity’s two solo shows—around watercolours and sculptures—delve deep into his five-decade-long journey in the art world

28 Nov 2021

Latitude 28 in New Delhi is hosting an art exhibition that delves into simulated realities of a modern society

Bold colours and mixed narratives are the underlying themes of an art exhibition in Delhi that tries to explore simulated realities of a modern society

14 Nov 2021

A group exhibition in Delhi showcases the tryst of  prominent artists with life and realities

The exhibition that showcases a mix of recent as well as old works of eight acclaimed artists is on till November 20

24 Oct 2021

Delhi's Dhoomimal Gallery is reborn as new space for old conversations

Promising to keep the legacy of its past alive, one of India's foremost art galleries in Delhi is reborn as a new space for old conversations.

17 Oct 2021

Gandhi Jayanti Special: The Art of Solitude

It was almost two years ago when artist A Ramachandran was flipping through the images from DG  Tendulkar’s book Mahatma: Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

02 Oct 2021

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