Riddhi Doshi

The acid test: An effective skincare routine

Here is everything you need to know about facial acids and serums to make the skin feel better inside out

24 Sep 2023

Why should girls have all the fun? A take on Indian haute couture for men

Couturier Tarun Tahiliani talks about how men’s fashion in India is finally having a moment, and his own contribution to making that happen

27 Aug 2023

Starting at the Finnish line  

Catch the auroras in a completely new light while floating in a lake in Lapland

20 Aug 2023

Camping with the Changpas

Spending a day with the Ladakhi semi-nomadic tribe, which rears the precious pashmina-yielding goats, is a lesson in humility

11 Jun 2023

Field Day in Finland  

Walk through the most-forested country in Europe, looking for berries, mushrooms and herbs

04 Jun 2023

Beauty and the East

French luxury brand Hermès launches its cosmetics line in India

21 May 2023

A 200-year-old culinary secret of this flat idli, revealed

A 200-year-old culinary secret makes the soft, flat Ramasserri idli unique among South Indian dishes

26 Mar 2023

Here is a new sustainable boutique stay in Ladakh: Rigzin Lachic's Dolkhar

 A Ladakhi woman quit her lucrative job abroad to set up a sustainable hotel and restaurant back home, and preserve local community values

21 Aug 2022