Sanath Prasad

Contrary to rumours, Basavanagudi's iconic dosa joint Vidyarthi Bhavan will not open in Malleswaram

The announcement was a gimmick to pull crowds to Chowdiah Memorial Hall where a play titled Vidyarthi Bhavan will be staged

23 Apr 2022

Let’s talk folk

With his new docu-series called PaDa Project, music composer Vasu Dixit celebrates folk music

21 Apr 2022

FICCI FLO Bengaluru chapter’s new chairperson Jayshree Menon speaks about her plan of action as she takes charge for the year

Menon is now tasked with multiple activities and workshops to keep the FLO members engaged

13 Apr 2022

This Bengaluru artist's paintings of heritage homes is helping preserve the architectural legacy of the city

Bengaluru-based artist Rachana Mahadimane works on watercolour paintings centred around heritage structures to raise awareness on preservation

11 Apr 2022

Cycling the talk is the new mantra of entrepreneurs in Bengaluru who are ditching Zoom calls

Entrepreneurs believe that cycling can symbolise ‘sustainability’, something that can be incorporated into business plans

24 Mar 2022

Meet the sky watchers of Bengaluru

From launching a startup to individually predicting rainfall across Karnataka, meet climate enthusiasts who are into weather blogging 

22 Mar 2022

Bengaluru pizzeria owners debate added taxes for toppings

What will happen when pizza gets costlier? Restaurateurs are left confused after the recent ruling to tax pizza toppings

21 Mar 2022

Salt, a one-woman play, makes it way to the Segal Centre Film Festival on Theatre and Performance 2022

The online play is a solo performance by Pallavi who essays three roles - a mother and two daughters who are facing acute food shortage due to the imposition of the lockdown

01 Mar 2022

On warpath: Ukrainian expats in Bengaluru share their ordeal

Ukrainian expats in the city are an anxious lot as they watch the horror unfolding with each passing day. In these turbulent times, they share their angst with CE 

01 Mar 2022

Stand-up comedy group Tharle Box’s new short film, Baby Over, is a blend of nostalgia and humour around gully cricket

Prakash quit his corporate job in 2019 and joined Tharle Box as a stand-up artiste

24 Feb 2022

Meet Kovid Kapoor whose first name has been inviting a flurry of memes and jokes on social media

Thanks to his first name, Kovid (‘d’ pronounced as ‘d’ in darwaza), which is a homophone with the raging virus, Covid

19 Feb 2022

'It took me half a second to agree,' says Charu Sharma on playing auctioneer for IPL

...says cricket commentator Charu Sharma, who speaks to CE about how he had to suddenly substitute for Hugh Edmeades in the IPL auctions 2022

17 Feb 2022

Meet Bengaluru-based entrepreneurs who made it to the reality show Shark Tank India

They speak about how it has impacted their lives and businesses

26 Oct 2022

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