Shilpi Madan

Local is Focal: A dip into the regional cuisines of India

Micro-regional specials are rapidly rewriting the narrative with geographic-specific ingredients, powering the palate run

25 Dec 2022

A Tea-time Tale

Leitmotif of the Persian influence, the sweet, milky Irani chai resets the emotional thermostat with
its nostalgia and whimsy

23 Oct 2022

Not just for kicks: India’s sneakerheads growing into huge community of collectors

The rapid rise of athleisure and the huge presence of international brands with their latest range is powering sneakerheads in the country

25 Sep 2022

Meet the 'maximum miniaturist' championing conservation, global warming and survival

Jaipur artist Suvigya Sharma is on an NFT mission to protect endangered species through his works

25 Sep 2022

Here's a recipe to unlock the magic of Black Garlic Podi

Charmed by the natural umami of fermented garlic, chef Hussain Shahzad of the Bombay Canteen in Mumbai creates his own version of Garlic Podi

04 Sep 2022

Spinning a new story: Check out Aarushi Kilawat’s The Loom Art’s latest range

Sustainable fashion and craft revival forms the core of fashion designer Aarushi Kilawat’s new collection

28 Aug 2022

Here is Chef Rohit Sangawan's recipe of the Prawn Butter Powder Bowl with cocoa butter!

Chef Rohit Sangawan hails cocoa butter as the silent hero in his culinary repertoire

21 Aug 2022

Meet London-based Indian chef Atul Kochhar who invented 100 vegetarian recipes

Michelin-starred Indian chef Atul Kochhar celebrates 100 homegrown and exotic recipes in his latest cookbook with local alternatives and some Bengali sass

07 Aug 2022

'Sundays are for love': Jewellery designer Roma Narsinghani delights with practical yet playful pieces

Jewellery designer Roma Narsinghani explores the boundaries of brass with a whimsical new collection

31 Jul 2022

Meet Rhea Bhattacharya, the artist who prints her own unique fabrics for her label 'Drawn'

Unlike other designers that procure their fabric from various sources, Bhattacharya commissions her own by collaborating with illustrators to create prints unique to her brand

10 Jul 2022

Nothing succeeds like chilli roulette: Chef Ali Akbar Baldiwala shares his hottest recipes

“I wasn’t a devotee of chillies during my early days but have learnt to experiment with the different flavours.”  says Executive Chef Baldiwala, Slink & Bardot, Mumbai

03 Jul 2022

I've perfected Karwari family heirloom recipes: Fresh Catch's chef Ankita Fernandes

Traditional piquant flavours of Karwari cuisine come alive in Chef Ankita Fernandes’ seafood preparations

26 Jun 2022

Tips to build your own memory palace by remembering the forgotten

Meaningful mental spaces steer us into nourishing sharper memories. Don’t believe it? Try the Memory Palace technique

26 Jun 2022

Wend your way, one step at a time: Here's how we can maximise walk routines

Maximise your walk routine to put the spring in your step

19 Jun 2022

Executive Chef Dane Fernandes shares the unknown benefits of black jaggery

Dane prefers to grind black jaggery using mortar and pestle for a finer texture

12 Jun 2022

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