Shreya Veronica

All for the winter holiday

Winter vacation is something that we look forward to. Moving around places just to experience absolute fun with friends and family is all that we want

06 Dec 2022

Jubilee Hills' Freedom Tree Design Studio is happy to unveil its fresh expressive home goods

At the launch of the Freedom Design store in Hyderabad, CE found itself walking around and admiring the decor and interiors it has to offer

24 Nov 2022

Feet on Earth Festival in Hyderabad, An ode to dance

Cultural events are making a slow comeback in the city

27 Oct 2022

In search of lost food: Exquisite Diwali recipes

However, the festival is undoubtedly intimate and personal in the current work culture-bound, post-pandemic world

22 Oct 2022

Taking the classical route: Journey of a self-taught musician in Hyderabad

City-based composer Vivek Venugopal on his hope to make his music cross borders and oceans 

13 Sep 2022

Hyderabad music enthusiast Aditya Veera bringing international stars closer home

Music enthusiast Aditya Veera  is bringing stalwarts of music from across the globe, a lot close to fans with his podcast

13 Sep 2022

From K-pop music to K-drama, K-tech to K-food, Hyderabad is in love with everything South Korean

Chef de cuisine Benjamin Lalhmangaiha speaks ahead of the Korean food festival in Pan Asian restaurant Zega at the Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel.

10 Sep 2022

Juggling fire: Meet Ami Shroff, India's first female flair bartender

CE speaks to the country’s first female flair bartender, Ami Shroff, who gets candid about her journey, lessons and tricks!

27 Aug 2022

Handloom downpour in Hyderabad

These exhibitions have artists from different parts of the country displaying some of the best products you can choose from

24 Aug 2022

Hyderabad's Westin’s Prego has launched a few new additions to its menu

Chef Siddharth Yelakanti served us some must-try dishes from the menu that left us wanting more

23 Jul 2022

Check out this exhibition, Bihar Crafts Mela, promoting Bihar's local artforms in Hyderabad

The touch of handloom weaves, and the feel of hand-made articles and other artefacts take us to another world

21 Jul 2022

Hyderabad Novotel Hyderabad is hosting a Pan-Asian food festival

Despite our ardent and loyal love for Biryani and all things Hyderabadi spices, the city is known for welcoming and exploring different cuisines from all around the globe

09 Jul 2022

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