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Sonali Shenoy is a feverish optimist, doggie lover and romantic. She takes word play very seriously, and derives a secret thrill from puns in conversation that her colourful sense of humour. Also she\'s a sucker for a good plot line on TV and secretly fancies moonlighting as a detective.

ITC Grand Chola’s Sleeep Boutique has a bouquet of sleep accessories for deeper, sweeter slumber

Expect a luxurious pillow menu, as well as fine linen and down feather duvets

20 May 2022

Barrocco by Cafe De Bangkok serves 21 flavours of bubble tea and Asian street food eats

Expect a broad spectrum of bubble tea flavours ranging from Cotton Candy to Japanese Sweet Potato

19 May 2022

The Park Chennai celebrated their 20th anniversary with novel a glow in the dark dining experience

We enjoyed a gourmet four-course meal with luminescent dishes, plates and even flowers!

19 May 2022

Restobar alert: Purple Chameleon in Chennai serves global flavours with a local twist

Look out for novel cocktails like the delicious betel-leaf infused gin 

12 May 2022

Here are five refreshing coconut creations in Chennai to dive into this summer

Cocktails to cake, we coco-not discriminate...

05 May 2022

American hip-hop crew, The INV!S!BLES are in Chennai to promote cultural harmony with the most rad moves!

Ahead of the show, The INV!S!BLES chats with us on what to expect, eating biryani for the first time and tour bus stories with everyone from Eminem to the Backstreet Boys

29 Apr 2022

Dive into purple acai jars and pizzas at the newly opened Lyfe by Soul Garden Bistro in Anna Nagar

Expect an all-new menu with a fresh rollout of Mexican and Mediterranean fare, as well as a whole new range of sourdough pizzas

22 Apr 2022

Here's how acupuncture can help your pet with everything from back pain to bowel issues

This veterinarian uses acupuncture to treat everything from arthritis to irritable bowel syndrome

21 Apr 2022

Eid 2022: Biryani is love, but how many have you tried? Here's where to get everything from Persian to Kongu styles in Chennai

En route our great biryani safari, expect a generous serving of history, stories and spice

21 Apr 2022

Hopping plates: Dakshin has a special menu covering 33 parts of South India for its 33rd anniversary

Expect a wide range of flavours from Karaikudi Kozhi Kozhambu to Kongunadu Elaneer Payasam

13 Apr 2022

Juicy Chemistry opens its first store in Chennai. Here's what the brand has in the pipeline for 2022

We caught up with founders, husband-wife duo Megha Desai Asher and Pritesh Asher

13 Apr 2022

Good Friday: Three hot cross buns in Chennai to get your hands on this weekend

From hot brioches filled with Vanilla bean ice cream to marzipan stuffed variants, you are going to love biting into these...

13 Apr 2022

Easter 2022: Our Easter egg trail through Chennai is a rollick of fun fillings!

Don't miss the one-of-a-kind Easter egg cake, as well as, adorable pink piñatas

13 Apr 2022

Lord of the Drinks in Chennai has a new menu with theatrical cocktails and Pan Asian and Turkish plates

We recommend their Meat Mezze Platter with succulent kebabs that are not to miss

07 Apr 2022

Feed your weekend hangover with Off The Record’s new breakfast buffet that opens as early as 6 am!

Look out for Continental and South Indian sections serving everything from Porridge to Pongal

07 Apr 2022

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