Tanisha Saxena

Meet Kyra, India’s first meta or virtual influencer

Kyra is the brainchild of Himanshu Goel, business head at TopSocial India, a Gurugram-based marketing firm

24 Jul 2022

India's first: A backpacker hostel for vegan wayfarers

India’s first vegan backpacker hostel in Bengaluru is a boon for people with different food choices

17 Jul 2022

Coming out of the closet is a more fashionable way, designer Rudraksh leads the way

With an aim to make fashion genderless and using the rainbow as his canvas, young gay designer Rudraksh is going all vivid and vocal with radically visible clothes for his label, Gagged

03 Jul 2022

Designer-entrepreneur Jesmenia Zeliang shares her journey with her brand, Heirloom Naga

The Northeast’s distinctive red, black and white woven fabrics have, for centuries, been fashioned into sarongs and shawls

29 May 2022

Folk artist Pushpa Kumari’s Madhubani work exhibited as part of Global Positioning, a public art show in the US

Titled ‘Joy of Living’, the painting is a nuanced representation of hope, particularly in light of the last two years that were taken over by the fear of the pandemic

15 May 2022

Chennai-based game designer Santhosh Kumar Subramanian on his latest board game, Belly Battle

Belly Battle—a trading game where players buy restaurants—has kids coming up with names for restaurants such as “Murakami Sushi, Chole Bhavan, Burgerer, Osteria, to list a few

08 May 2022

Mumbai’s Method Gallery's latest collection of art, titled Muse challenges notion of male as artist, female as muse

To challenge this notion, Method recently presented a show titled Muse that had on display a collection of artworks featuring women through the lens of women

08 May 2022

Delhi-based designer Karan Torani stirs nostalgia of old-fashioned Indian weddings with latest edit Sindhi Tent House

His collection is inspired from desi shadis of yore with a brightly patterned shamiana pitched in the neighbourhood park with guests dressed to the nines in their glitziest best

24 Apr 2022

TrusTrace, a moral fashion platform, helps track the environmental damage caused by everything you buy!

Ethical consumers concerned about whether a sports bra was made by child labour, or the yarn for something came from an endangered forest, can now simply scan a QR code on their phones and find out

17 Apr 2022

Reviving the fabric of freedom

Fashion label A Humming Way is revolutionising the way khadi has been perceived for generations by taking its experimental designs to global runways

03 Apr 2022

Bambai Nazariya: A Place of Pride

A new café in Mumbai run by transgenders is all about bringing social inclusivity into dining spaces

27 Mar 2022

Doodle Mapuls, an initiative by three architects, explores the artform like never before!

Mad about doodles? Here’s how a trio of architects came together to create Doodle Mapuls, a range of vibrant artwork on apparel and accessories

06 Feb 2022

This mental health cafe in Mohali is here to help you de-stress  

A cafe in Punjab’s Mohali offers outlier body and mind therapies that include puppy love

23 Jan 2022

Online fashion studio 'Aishr' blends beauty, culture to create wearable art

The brand works on reducing carbon footprints by using sustainable muslin fabric with biodegradable dyes and all products are made in limited quantities to avoid wastage

26 Dec 2021

'The Plated Project' takes the artistic route to address hunger

Launched in 2019, the project claims to have sponsored 511,400 meals around the world. By joining hands with, artists they create one-of-a-kind plates that cost between Rs 700 and Rs 3,000

19 Dec 2021

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