Vernika Awal

Butter makes it better: An essential indulgence

It is not just the savoury meals where butter plays its part. The classic butter biscuit (or biskoot, with pistachios embedded in them) has been a staple in NCR for as long as the memory goes.

18 Aug 2022

The sweet taste of freedom

We are all set to celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day on Monday.

11 Aug 2022

Food beyond that perfect photo

While this may sound quite fancy, none of this is a forced aesthetic. Instead, it is purely functional

04 Aug 2022

Tales of corn to muse on

Bhutta—challi, as it is popularly called in Delhi and Punjab—in the rains, is a match made in heaven

28 Jul 2022

Delhi’s tryst with mangoes 

In the Delhi we know today, the monsoon is linked to waterlogged roads, mosquitoes, traffic jams, and sweltering days

14 Jul 2022