NY-based Time Lapse Dance launches a new programme with founder Jody Sperling at the helm

The three-week programme touches upon subjects like pride month, choreography, and environmentalism
Jody Sperling
Jody Sperling

This month, choreographer Jody Sperling and her company Time Lapse Dance (TLD) in New York offers three program-filled weeks, that includes a pride-month presentation on early performance technologist and visionary queer artist Loie Fuller (June 11), the YouTube Premiere of the Fuller-inspired work Turbulence (June 18) followed by a conversation on choreography and fluid dynamics with the physicist Larry Pratt, and a chance for audiences to drop into a Zoom rehearsal for a new work continuing Fuller’s legacy into environmentalism (June 26). 

“In pride month we honour our differences and unite in celebration. Dance is a unifying force, bringing together the moving body with imagination, curiosity, well-being, and larger communities. As we confront systemic injustices, we must each pivot to help envision and enact a future that is more just, equitable and sustainable for all. I believe dance has an important role to play in mobilizing this new future. Rather than a simple retrospective, #TLDat20 is our initiative aimed at reflecting on past and present, so as to move boldly into the uncertain territories ahead,” said Jody Sperling, Choreographer/Artistic Director of Time Lapse Dance

Find the full schedule HERE.

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