Mumbai-based musician Bryan Ernest aims to spread positivity through his latest song

It is a part of an upcoming series of tracks that will be released in the coming months this year
Bryan Ernest
Bryan Ernest

​​This Will Be Over Soon is a song written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Bryan Ernest, in his home-studio in Mumbai, with Hansel Dias covering the low ends with the bass.

A multi-instrumentalist experimenting with the sounds of 15+ instruments merged into a one-man-band set, Bryan is currently recording/producing a string of his single’s/EP to be released at regular intervals in the second half of 2020.

The new song was born out of the fact that hope can keep us alive and kicking for survival, especially in a time of a quarantined lockdown, he tells us, adding that the song was written with the intention of being a beacon of hope when people lose it.

​The song tries to put out a positive message through lines like “We gotta be stronger, I know nothing can keep us down. We gotta be wise​r because ​all we have left is now” - which also addresses the fact that how humans are ​harming the environment in the name of development. It subtly reminds the listener to start rethinking the only way of life that they know to evolve with everything around.

<em>Bryan Ernest</em>
Bryan Ernest

It is an elaborate arrangement of 119 tracks which include the violin, drums, synth, electric and acoustic guitars, bass (played by Hansel Dias) and multiple vocal choir arrangements.​ ​It took a total of 18 days to get this song to its completion from scratch.

This is Bryan’s second release apart from the one done by Nexa Music​ ​called​ ​Final Fight. His first release was on the subject of depression, called It’s Ok Not To Be Okay​,​ which has​ over​ 13k hits on Spotify.

He’s been in the music scene in different avatars from the past nine years, played across 30 plus cities from venues ranging from Bluefrog’s and HRC’s to festivals like Celebrate Bandra, Lil Flea etc. He believes in creating a vibe that uplifts, engages and captivates his listeners to feel his songs rather than just hear them.

Bryan has helped co-found the community gathering and social experiences space startup, Motojojo, which is active all over India as of today. Bryan has since moved on to be a full-time musician.
Apart from being a speaker at the prestigious TEDx conference, Bryan has other projects called Stringy-Cheese and CrackerJack, both of which were selected as the Top 24 English Singer-Songwriters over 1500 entries, by the recent Nexa Music hunt curated by A.R Rahman.

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