National Award-winning singer Shashaa Tirupati releases an original English song

Titled Leprechaun Love, it was composed and recorded by herself at her home during the lockdown
Shashaa Tirupati (Pic by Life Of Bani)
Shashaa Tirupati (Pic by Life Of Bani)

National Award-winning singer Shashaa Tirupati releases her new English original single, Leprechaun Love. The single is written, composed, sung, shot and edited by Shashaa in her house in Vancouver, Canada during the lockdown. She made the song to let everyone know that self-isolation can be productive and fun too.  

Shashaa Tirupati has entertained us with songs like Humma Humma (Ok Jaanu), Phir Bhi Tumko Chhunga (Half Girlfriend), Baarish (Half Girlfriend), Kanha (Shubh Mangal Saavdhan), Mahi Aaja (Singh Is Bliing) and more. 

Her latest Bollywood song is a duet song called Humnavaa, sung by Shashaa and Armaan Malik and a solo female song called Soja Soja. It's from AR Rahman's 99 Songs.

Shashaa also has a string of other independent song releases like Oceans Rained and String of Air in English, Beparwahi and Hum Kahan Hai in Hindi and a bilingual song in collaboration with Chinmayi Sripada, which will also have a Hindi version too.

Watch video of Leprechaun Love here:

About Leprechaun Love, Shashaa says, "So I was quite happily locked down in Mumbai for about 40 days doing my thing - recording songs in my bedroom, shooting them, shooting videos and everything. But due to a family emergency, I had to take a repatriation flight back to Vancouver, Canada where I am from. And I have been here ever since I was in a lockdown for about 14 days in the basement of my house. After 14 days I finally got to meet my parents. Things are a little better over here and social distancing is being practised very vigorously and pushed over here in the West Coast and in the East Coast, things are a lot worse. But yes we are under lockdown here in Vancouver. So I did end up shooting a lot of the song while in lockdown in Vancouver. When my parents would go for their doctor's appointment for prescription drug pickup I would go outside to the lawn take some footage and see how I would like for it to look in terms of the message of the song.  The song itself talks about how it is so important to hold onto those little rainbows of love that we see, those little rainbows of happiness that we see or kindness that we see. And it's not going to scream at us, it will be there and it will be gone, but to cherish it is what 's important. That is what Leprechaun Love is all about. It is also about just believing, believing in things that we don't generally believe in or something that science proves to be wrong or just folklore. I think there is a beauty in that and I strongly feel that when you don't have something happy to remember, create it. And I think that is the beauty of our imagination and that is what the song is all about. I ended up shooting it mostly on my own and post lockdown I then resumed shooting and I asked my sister who was a major help to shoot a couple of takes of me singing the song. It does tie in with the whole idea of chasing rainbows and chasing mirages, that is pretty much what the video signifies as well. It starts off with zooming into a flower which is the product of the Dandelion which is again a product of a flower. So it is also about the circle of life and how there is a moroseness to the fact that the Dandelion would shed its puff. But the beauty is in the fact that it is going to give birth to a lot more flowers. So that is the idea and like I said it is about finding joy in the little things and that is what Leprechaun Love is all about. Believing in that pot of gold."

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