Badshah and Jacqueline Fernandez team up for a new dance number, Check My Fizz

The duo has earlier worked in hit songs such as Genda Phool and Paani Paani
Badshaah and Jacqueline Fernandez
Badshaah and Jacqueline Fernandez

Badshah and Jacqueline Fernandez have teamed  up again for a new track. Titled Check My Fizz, the track is Pepsi's summer anthem. Badshah and Jacqueline are known for delivering hit songs such as Genda Phool and the Paani Paani song. Check My Fizz is a light-hearted song and fun dance number. In an interview with Indulge, Badshah and Jacqueline tell us more about the song. Excerpts:

Badshah tell us about the concept of this song?
It is aimed at everybody who has got swag, who has got confidence to take over the world, who stands for entertainment and living in the moment. It is aimed at this ideology of self-belief and confidence. 

You have partnered with Jacqueline for quite a few songs, what's the secret to this partnership?
It is just the vibe. She is extremely hardworking; she is very collaborative. She is one of the best co-artistes you can work with, and she is a great human being too. 

You have been a big advocate of shorter formats of songs particularly for reels... what made you think so ahead in time?
It was really exciting. Believe it or not, but it was in 2015 when I made DJ Wale Babu and people came in and questioned as to why you are making such a short song of only 2 minutes and 40 seconds. I was like just give it some time, there are going to be 15 seconds songs, it is not even going to be a song, it will only be sounds. It is about studying your game, studying your audience and just being aware. It is exciting to be able to tell stories in just 15 seconds, it is exciting and challenging, and anything which is exciting and challenging, Badshah is going to be there. 

What are you working on next?
Lots of exciting things. Lot more music coming up, I have just collaborated with J Balvin for Voodoo which is a landmark for Indian music industry, and I am just glad that I am a part of it. 

Jacqueline, you have partnered with Badshah for quite a few songs...
Yes, I have partnered with Badshah in the past, so getting back together for this anthem was exciting, I have a feeling that this is going to be the anthem of the year. The energy was so good. Everyone was so involved, and so excited about this collaboration. Badshah of course is like a hit machine so anything he touches you know it is going to be good. 

What are you working on next?
I have two releases this year. I have Ram Setu coming out in Diwali. I also have Circus coming out with Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh. 

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