Rabindrasangeet ‘Hey Shokha’ releases today 

The music video is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Dekhechi Rupsagore 
A snap from the music video
A snap from the music video

As the world celebrates the day of love today in the form of Valentine’s Day, an inevitable part of which is music; SVF Music reveals its much-awaited song which describes the nuances of simplistic and pure love. The song, Hey Shokha is the sequel of Dekhechhi Rupshagore and is available on YouTube for viewing. Within hours of its release, it has already started winning hearts with its melody and storyline.

An amalgamation of Tagore this is a musical expedition under the design and direction of Arindom coupled with the melodious voice of Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury. The integration of The RNT Project’s song in this visual landscape seems effortless and makes it an auditory experience to cherish.

The music video features Anushka Goswami as Maya while Dibyojyoti Dutta as Satyen reprises his role from the previous video which also starred Ditipriya Roy as Durga. Hey Shokha begins after the departure of Durga from Saratpally and emphasises on the lives of Satyen and Maya, thereon. It features his internal struggle of whether to rekindle his love with Durga or strike a new bond with Maya. This core storyline takes the narrative forward in this music which is a visual and emotional treat for the audience.  

Since its release, the music video has already caught the attention of more than 7000 audiences and counting and has been garnering positive reviews and comments.

Hey Shokha has been released on the official YouTube channel and is available across leading audio platforms.

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