UFC 275 Teixeira vs Prochazka: 'Glover’s history and fights have given me an advantage,' says Jiri Prochazka

Prochazka is in great form and he is confident of winning
File picture: Teixeira compete against each other Prochazka in UFC 275
File picture: Teixeira compete against each other Prochazka in UFC 275

The next major fight scheduled to take place is the UFC 275 between Glover Texeira and Jiri Prochazka. This is for the title of the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. This will also be Texeira’s first chance at defending his title since he defeated Jan Blachowicz in October 2021. Prochazka is in great form and he is confident of winning. In an interview with Indulge, he tells us more about the upcoming bout and his approach to the sport. Excerpts:

It's going to be an interesting match with the title holder. What's your plan? 
I want to prove that I am much better on the ground game than ever.

Glover Texiera has had a strong run, does his record intimidate you?
Glover’s history and fights have given me an advantage because I was able to observe many of his habits and his fighting style in the ring, and I plan to use them against him. 

What’s usually going on in your mind when you are in the octagon?
My mind is completely clear, I have nothing on my mind. I am free, and I do what is best for the victory.

You are fairly new on the roster, but have had a magnificent rise... apart from your tough training for the Gladiator FIghting Championship and Rizin Fighting Federation, do you owe your success to your steely determination and aggressiveness?
Yeah, it’s very helpful in a fight when you use aggression, but it’s not the way. It’s just a kind of energy which you have to take control of. If you can’t control it, then you are like an animal. My main target is to keep my emotions and aggression in check.

We've read that you are a dedicated follower of bushido principles. Who introduced these principles to you?
My coach showed me the Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. It strongly influenced me. I had no idea about warriors’ ideas. That was the start of all these things. And I am very glad it happened in my life.

Tell us about BJP - how did the B'e y'e p'e phrase come about? What made you start your own line of merchandise BJP? What's the plan with the BJP foundation?
The BJP that’s my idea about fighting and I use that to beat the most powerful opponents. It’s my spiritual way and keeps my mind sharp. It’s more than just a fighting style. That’s why I made the decision to make a foundation for that. I wanted to give back something and thought the foundation is the best idea.

What's your message to Teixeira?
I have no message for him. I don’t have to show anybody anything. I have to show the world that I am the next champion and I will prove that.

Tune in to watch these two veterans battle it out for the title. June 12, 7.30 am. On Sony Ten 2

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