Designer Siddhartha Bansal’s new collection is like taking a trip to the candy shop

His new summer collection, Odyssey, which can be best described as a kaleidoscope of colours
A look from Siddhartha Bansal's new collection
A look from Siddhartha Bansal's new collection

Delhi-based Siddhartha Bansal, in his seven-year-old career, has carved quite the niche for himself when it comes to arty chic. These prints and embroideries are joyful enough to lift your spirits too. “I have noticed most of my patrons are aspiring artists themselves,” adds the designer, who recently launched his new summer collection, Odyssey, which can be best described as a kaleidoscope of colours.

“I try to seek happiness even in the most mundane situations and I think that’s reflected in my designs, and this collection in particular,” says the designer who has earlier worked with well-known fashion houses like Satya Paul and Manish Arora Paris.

From <em>Odyssey</em>
From Odyssey

Technicolour dreams
Siddhartha tells us that when he wanted to conceptualise the new collection, he composed a poem to summarise its ethos. The lines reflect his creative mood that draws from humble cupcakes and origami creations to the surreal — like candy jars on other planets. The palette offers a mix of pastel hues, candy colour combinations infused with signature kaleidoscopic patterns, and motifs that draw from ice cream, cupcakes and candy jars. “The vibrant theme is also a nod to the things I enjoyed during the lockdown last year and that was the inception of this collection idea as well,” he elaborates.

Candy coloured ensembles
Candy coloured ensembles

Retro mood
Silhouettes that one sees in Odyssey are playful, where the lengths have been determined keeping the natural flow of the fabric. He informs, “We have introduced gowns for the first time. Apart from that, there are easy wearable styles like shrugs, pantsuits and wrap dresses.” The versatility of wearing each style differently can make the outfits more sustainable, we think. The outfits are crafted in modal satin and cotton lycra, with a hint of linen, crepe and chiffon. One of the things that are hard to miss is the definite vintage vibe of these ensembles. “The collection is inspired from the 1980s, when the world had not seen a digital revolution yet,” Siddhartha confirms as he signs off.

Available online.

Rs 6,000 onwards.

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