Naymish’s winter edit is all about art in vivid colours

Their clothes, created and designed by Tuhina, enable artists to showcase their creativity, turning each outfit into a picturesque story by itself.
Ensembles from the edit
Ensembles from the edit

Contemporary fashion label Naymish stands out in the crowd for its celebration of art in fashion by bridging the gap between artists and fashion enthusiasts. Their clothes, created and designed by Tuhina, enable artists to showcase their creativity, turning each outfit into a picturesque story by itself. 

As they come up with a colourful range for this winter, we speak with Tuhina about the same.

Tell us all about the collection.

This collection bursts with bold and vibrant colours, right from the yellows to blues and purples -- it’s all about making a statement. These colours add energy and enthusiasm to your wardrobe. The prints on our clothing are strategically placed to express a narrative. There’s an array of smart and comfortable silhouettes in cotton, satin, and silk blends for optimum comfort and a stylish look all through the winter season.

Our thought behind this collection was to create a range of clothing that transcends the boundaries of conventional fashion and invites our customers to express their emotions through their attires.

A shirt from Naymish
A shirt from Naymish

Tell us about this Autumn-Winter party trends.

This Autumn-Winter season, party wear is all about versatility along with a touch of individuality. Violet is back in a big way and it adds a touch of luxury to smart party wear. Our leopard collection with illustration by Rohan Dahotre offers some must-have pieces including shirts, co-ords and dresses. Clothing is going to have a disruptive effect this season with mixing and matching ruling the mood. Smart party wear now involves experimenting with various pieces to create a unique ensemble. Oversized fits also create a relaxed, roomy look without sacrificing chic, making one look effortlessly cool. Eco-friendly fabrics and ethical fashion options are also doing rounds.

Winter wardrobe must-have for men?

Dark but luxurious colours will dominate the winter look. Raise your style quotient with casual outfits featuring trendy bomber jackets, and bright print combinations on overalls.

How have you incorporated sustainability in your creations?

Sustainability is at the heart of our creative process. We embrace various eco-conscious practices. Our digital-first approach to garment creation, enables us to make more informed style and fit decisions, reducing waste in the design phase. Garments are manufactured on a made-to-order basis, ensuring we produce only what’s needed and fabric is sourced from weavers, minimising the use of energy-intensive production processes. We actively upcycle fabric for production that might otherwise go to waste.

A shirt from Naymish
A shirt from Naymish

Your upcoming collections?

Our next collection embraces Indian Folk Artforms. We’re weaving the vibrant, time-honoured traditions of Indian art into our designs. Beyond illustrations, we’re exploring performing art forms to create a multidimensional, immersive experience. Our clothing will be a canvas for storytelling, connecting artists and weavers to the lively world of performing arts. We’re deeply inspired by rural culture, and our upcoming collections will reflect the rustic charm, traditions, and craftsmanship in the countryside.

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