Kingdom Of White’s Monochrome edit
Kingdom Of White’s Monochrome edit

White’s timeless charm meets black’s versatility in Kingdom Of White’s Monochrome edit

Watch out for12 unique silhouettes packed with intricate and interesting black accents

There is no shade that stands true to the meaning of versatility and timelessness better than the staple combination of black and white. These two colours are also the starting point for creating a capsule closet that is currently ruling every fashion folk’s style dictionary.

Taking inspiration from the same, Kingdom Of White launched its all-new collection Monochrome where you can expect 12 unique silhouettes packed with intricate and interesting black accents. From quarter zip polos, tipping polos, mandarin button throughs and cut-and-sew shirts, the edit offers everything that an urban man would need to transition from day to night.

We speak to the lead designer, Mriganka Chowdhury about the use of the colour white as the base with selective black seams on the collar band, split yoke and arm holes. He shares, “Our inspiration for introducing monochrome ensembles lies in our deep appreciation for timeless shades. Just as white embodies timelessness and purity, black stands as an enduring classic, these two shades represent opposite ends of the same spectrum. By embracing monochrome, we celebrate the harmonious balance of these timeless hues.”

Made using 100 per cent cotton fabric, the collection boasts a casual and relaxed fit. Mriganka tells us the pieces are easily wearable and suitable for anyone looking for comfortable yet fashion-forward picks.

“We want to offer the wearers an experience of comfort and our silhouettes are designed for unrestricted movement. The collection embodies an ethos of effortlessness, exuding a breezy and relaxed aura. Our brand is committed to providing consumers with a refreshing and uncomplicated approach to style, where ease and comfort take centre stage,” he adds.

We further ask him about who he envisions as the wearer of this collection and he says, “A 21st-century man who is self-assured, confident and a strong advocate for the elegance of fluidity and effortlessness. We want this collection to seamlessly align with his dynamic and adaptable nature as he effortlessly transitions between various roles and responsibilities, breaking away from conventional stereotypes.”

INR 750 onwards. Available online. 

X: @muskankhullar03

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