Chromatic Carnival: Style Island's high summer lookbook weaves an alluring floral fairy tale

The new summer edit fancies a vibrant colour palette and timeless silhouettes
Style Island's high summer lookbook
Style Island's high summer lookbook

With our Instagram feed and our wardrobes being taken over by the muted shades prompted by the old-money aesthetic, it only seems logical that your next purchase is a beige, plum or taupe and don’t forget to make it linen. However, if you are someone who often finds herself investing in vibrant silhouettes that only brighten her day, then the latest lookbook by Style Island might just make the cut.

What started as a label with timeless and versatile ensembles by mother-daughter duo, Malika Mehta and Tushita Mehta, is now a reflection of their quest to curate creative and colourful wardrobes. And they very well replicate that with their high summer collection where you can expect 40 silhouettes which include everything under the sun from co-ord sets to lace dresses and tailored jumpsuits.

“Our lookbook radiates breezy and sun-kissed aesthetics, making it perfect for those seeking chic and joyful ensembles to light up their wardrobe. And for those who are drawn to the allure of florals, our lookbook features a delightful floral theme that weaves throughout various styles, infusing a sense of natural beauty and elegance,” says Malika as she walks us through the new edit.

<em>Ensemble from lookbook</em>
Ensemble from lookbook

Speaking about the choice of colour palette, Malika fancies how she drew inspiration from the rich and vibrant cultural tapestry of India. She shares, “India is a land of immense diversity, where its people infuse vibrant energy into every facet of our nation. Our clothing mirrors this kaleidoscope, embracing the nation’s vivid and playful spirit. It’s a reflection of our identity as a country, showcasing the passion of our people.”

She further gives us a little insight into the fabric selection and reveals that the mother-daughter duo has a penchant for luxurious materials like supple cotton, flowing viscose, elegant crepes, silky satins, linens and mulberry. “Our lookbook embodies a captivating blend of distinct vibes that will surely resonate with our fashion enthusiasts. We understand that comfort is paramount and our selection of fabrics reflects our commitment to ensuring that every garment embraces you in a cocoon of comfort, allowing you to move through your day with ease and confidence,” Malika adds.

On being asked how the brand plans to deal with the challenges posed by the raging minimalistic and muted style, Malika quickly exclaims that trends come and go and her wearers are patrons of pieces that transcend time. “A vibrant and diverse colour palette can offer a refreshing contrast to the current trend of muted shades. It can bring energy, creativity and a sense of modernity to spaces or fashion. Our lookbook features a diverse range of colours that don’t resist your wardrobe to one feel but are adaptable to all moods and quirks, no matter how you wake up feeling,” she answers.

<em>Ensemble from lookbook</em>
Ensemble from lookbook

Before concluding, she offers a peek into the fashion trend she foresees for the impending fall/ winter months. “When it comes to colour choices, we believe that green is an option that is proving to be a favourite long-term. Its earthy tones will complement the fall/winter ambience perfectly. Additionally, we’re anticipating a surprising trend this winter, as we see pink emerging as a must-have colour. This unexpected twist will bring a touch of warmth and vibrancy to the winter fashion scene,” she signs off.

INR 2,499 onwards. Available online.


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