Check out the Kings Wristwear II Collection from the Jaipur Watch Company

The collection adds a dash of pop-colours to go with every look
Timeless pieces from the collection
Timeless pieces from the collection

Looking to give a gift to your loved ones or want to make a purchase that would last you a lifetime as a bespoke heirloom? Check out the Kings Wristwear II Collection from the Jaipur Watch Company. Seeped in royalty, each watch reflects bespoke luxury and embodies Indian culture and tradition within itself like never before.

The latest collection comprises bold colours like deep royal blue to ruby red that are stylish and functional. They are the perfect statement pieces for anybody wanting to make heads turn. The vibrant hues coupled with impeccable craftsmanship make this collection not only striking to look at but also complement your look for ethnic functions, formal events, or just casual meetings.

If you appreciate fine craftsmanship, uphold the traditional and heritage nuances in the design opt for a luxe look, and add that colour pop to your wardrobe, The Kings Wristwear II collection is just the right one for you. The watches have the signature One Pice British India coin on the dial which comes in silver or gold colours while the band and highlights come in pop colours of blue, purple, ruby, and sea green to name a few.  

Each watch is crafted with apt precision using high-quality materials like stainless steel or sapphire crystal. They are durable and reliable for time and fashion. They promise to be eye-catching no matter how you choose to pair them with.

The Jaipur Watch Company aims at bringing innovative watchwear that merges tradition and modernity and offers bespoke statement accessory that succeeds in earning you complements.

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