Review: Sodabottleopenerwala’s drinks menu offers unique cocktails made of peanut butter, mango and chocolate

The menu offers 15 drinks (four previously launched) covering all popular spirits and some fun experimental flavours.

After a long Monday, we are caught sipping on the creamy Dikri in Peanut and Chocolate Factory at Parsi café and bar Sodabottleopenerwala, thinking that there’s no better way to beat those weekday blues. When you look at the glass topped with grated chocolate, you’re almost convinced that this is a chocolate milkshake. As the name suggests, the delicious cocktail is made of peanut butter, dark rum, milk, honey, hazelnut and lots of chocolate syrup, balancing the bitter taste of rum. A word of caution though — this drink is stronger than most of the other ones in the new cocktail menu, launched by the Mumbai-based brand.

Chef Anish B serves us a plate full of Chicken Baida Roti, suggesting that this starter is the right pairing for the drink. Available in other meat variants, this one has a crisp outer layer filled with delicately spiced minced chicken, making for a light bar snack that does not overpower. 

“We spent a few months working on the menu to bring together unique cocktails made of everyday ingredients. However, food is an important part of drinks. The idea is to not just have a regular drinks menu but also mention the right pairings for our patrons in both vegetarian and meat options,” chef adds. 

Paneer Khari Pizza
Paneer Khari Pizza

The menu offers 15 drinks (four previously launched) covering all popular spirits and some fun experimental flavours. If you’re looking for a subtle drink after work, we suggest you opt for Rustom Narangi. This gin-based option is refreshing with orange and lemon flavours giving it a smooth texture. Pair it with a crispy Smoked Chicken Cutlet or a well-cooked Paneer Croquette. Coffee lovers must try Whiskeywali Coffee.

An interesting take on the regular Old Fashioned, this one consists of a solid espresso shot, whiskey and brown sugar. Right on reaching the table, the room is filled with the soothing aroma of the coffee, and the drink doesn’t disappoint you with its obvious flavour. We wash it down with Chicken Farcha (Parsi-style boneless chicken) — a bite-sized appetiser coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried to perfection. For vegetarians, Kanda Bhajjiya with mint chutney is recommended. 

If you’re looking for some global options in food pairings, go with the Chicken Wings. The right balance of sweetness and spice of the sauce is destined to go well with Chillin’ on the Juhu Beach. With vodka and raspberry, garnished with lime wedges and mint leaves, this cocktail is too pretty to drink. However, once you take a sip, you wouldn’t want to put it down. So, we chug it, calling it a night!

Price for two: INR 1,800.

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