Six benefits of asafoetida we bet you did not know about

From migraines to menstrual cramps, this humble ingredient found in the Indian kitchen provides an easy-to-access remedy
Six benefits of asafoetida we bet you did not know about
Six benefits of asafoetida we bet you did not know about

A few months ago, I informed you all about the benefits of hing (asafoetida) and how we should be adding this one simple ingredient to our meals on a regular basis. The reason being, it has so much potent power to treat a multitude of ailments, as well as issues related to the gut health. Many of you reached out to understand how hing can be used in your routine, apart from adding it to your meal. Let’s learn about few more uses:

Babies with colic: Try not to get a child on medication if it’s not really required. Mix around half a teaspoon of hing with one teaspoon of warm water and make a paste. Apply externally starting from the diaphragm till pelvic area and around the navel of your baby. Apply in a downward motion so that the gas is flushed out of the body, and the baby will get relief in 5-10 minutes. It can be used internally as well as externally to release gas production.

 High BP and cardiovascular health: Hing has blood thinning properties, so we know how it improves blood flow and circulation, which further reduces BP. This further enhances overall cardiovascular
health as well.

 Gas and flatulence: Too much gas and flatulence indicates how poor our gut health and gut microflora is. The hing concoction with a pinch of hing powder in a glass of warm lemon water 30 minutes post meals helps to treat this and manages gas production.

Menstrual pain: Add a pinch of asafoetida mixed with a half teaspoon of methi powder to a glass of buttermilk or warm water if you are off dairy. Take this an hour after any one meal during the day and this helps in relief from abdominal cramps during periods.

 Headache and migraines: The anti inflammatory properties of hing helps in providing symptomatic relief from a headache. It’s essential to get to the root cause like constipation, acidity or a very acidic body etc. but a hing concoction can give slight relief from a headache because many times we have observed it’s the gas that can travel in the body and trigger the headache.

 Bloating: If you are too full or bloated after eating outside food as you are not sure if the food quality was good, then you may have the hing concoction 30 minutes after eating. This will help to control the heaviness. Let’s use our Indian wisdom and stay healthy.

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