Five health benefits of Vitamin B1

One of the most important vitamins that play an important role in the healing of the stomach is Vitamin B1
Five health benefits of Vitamin B1
Five health benefits of Vitamin B1

For the longest time I’ve  been saying that your gut is  where all the issues or diseases start. If the gut 
is compromised, our immunity, hormones, nutrition absorption etc. goes for  a toss. And constipation is  another root cause of problems because when a person is constipated, they hold  onto toxins in the body, which  further creates irritation and inflammation in gut. These toxins can affect the health of not just stomach but of different organs. If our colon gets blocked due to bad lifestyle, frequent outside meals, stress, low fibre intake, high protein intake, lack of water etc, then we face several stomach issues which can further get aggravated and lead to inflammation and leaky gut. Due to constipation, one can face severe bloating, smelly stools, nausea, acidity, nutrient malabsorption, dizziness, heavy feeling in the chest and abdomen, headache etc.

It’s very important to keep the stomach clean and clear so the toxins without causing irritation. It’s important that you have a balanced diet with good amount of fibre from veggies and moderating outside meals, junk and fried food etc, drinking enough water to hydrate each cell so that the body doesn’t leach out water from colon making the stools hard. Movement or activity too is very important to improve blood circulation and keep the stomach health in check. But there’s one more vitamin that plays an important role in the healing of the stomach and it’s none other than Vitamin B1 (Thiamine).

 Thiamine is a water-soluble vitamin and it is absorbed into the blood from the gastrointestinal tract. That’s why it becomes important for healing the gut. Small amounts of thiamine are stored in the liver, heart, kidney, and brain, but only for a short duration. That’s why extra supplements are required wherever needed to improve the gut as well as overall healing.

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 It plays a huge role in improving nerve function, memory, nerve pain, tingling, indigestion, constant fatigue, leg and foot cramps etc. which is observed in many people due to poor gut health. Apart from this, Vitamin B1 also plays an important role as a co enzyme in converting food into energy (ATP production) and this is how constant fatigue and low energy levels can be kept in check.

 B1 is required to stimulate stomach acids and if you are deficient in vitamin B1, then you may have low stomach acid issues wherein digestion of food (protein etc) becomes difficult. This further irritates the gut lining and shows symptoms like indigestion, bloating, acidity, frequent motion etc. Plus when the gut is compromised, our immunity also gets affected because 70-80% of the immune cells lie in the stomach. So keep in mind, if there is a vitamin B1 deficiency, gut health is affected and furthermore, you are prone to infections.

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 Our pancreas produces insulin to manage sugar levels, but it also produces digestive enzymes to break down and absorb the food. But if you are deficient in B1 (lots of B1 is stored in the pancreas), then these enzymes are not produced properly which further affects digestion, absorption, energy production etc. Fad diets that stop us from eating macro nutrient makes us deficient in these important nutrients and affects the gut.

 B1 has a huge role in stomach health, nerve function, energy, overall healing etc, that’s why adding foods rich in B1 in your meals becomes important. Include beans and legumes, green peas (great source), cereals, whole grains, whole egg, nuts and seeds, fish and seafood, Organic A2 milk and milk products like yoghurt, paneer or cheese, avocado, green leafy veggies etc. to get your B1 naturally and talk to your health care provider to find out if you need any supplements. Let’s make a gradual shift towards a healthier you!

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