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Drinking from a copper mug is good for you but beware of the consequences of excess copper
5 health benefits of copper
5 health benefits of copper

Copper is a trace mineral which is needed in smaller amounts in our body for various functions including repair, healing, immunity etc. It is required for energy generation in our cells, production of melanin, activation of genes, helps in the building of convective tissues, nervous system, immune system as well as brain development. Water from copper vessels promote angiogenic (new blood vessels to form from pre-existing vessels) activity in body and with the help of this process, healing and recovery gets enhanced for people having a heart condition or those who underwent any surgery etc. But all these functions happen when we have optimum levels of copper, the moment copper levels increase (excess), it leads to side effects in body.

Excess copper intake promotes the growth of bad bacteria in the human body. It is very critical to diagnose and understand that even a small deficiency or excess of any one vitamin or mineral can disrupt our body’s mechanism which is designed beautifully and performs seamlessly to its highest order; if the right kind and amount of the foods, vitamins, minerals and supplements are provided. The right way or amount is to just have one glass of copper water firs t thing in the morning and not drinking the copper water the whole day or more than one glass. The moment copper increases in the body, it can lead to disruption in digestive health as it affects the probiotics. This can further lead to indigestion, acidity, constipation, nausea etc. If it’s not treated well, then excessive copper can further lead to Wilson’s disease where the extra copper gets settled in the liver and different organs; affecting their functions. As mentioned above, copper water has angiogenic properties which is beneficial for our body but in some cases, it might be bad as well. For example, any cancer or tumour cell has a potential of moving into proangiogenesis that means a pathway that promotes angiogenic activity; wherein they can create their own blood vessels to feed themselves and grow in the body which increases metastasis chances as well.Copper ions activate several proangiogenic factors for tumour cells like the vascular endothelial growth factor, basic fibroblast growth factor, tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha) and interleukin etc. So it’s better to be avoided completely in any cancer cases.

However, if there’s already an excess in the body affecting you or causing symptoms, it’s better to meet your doctor and find ways like medication or Chelation  therapy to flush it out from body. Here are few free natural ways to reduce the excess copper in the body: 

Cruciferous vegetables: This category of vegetable is rich in sulphur, which has the ability to bind to copper and eliminate it from the system. Include more broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc in your meal or one can even supplement, ‘milk thistle’ which further cleanses the liver. The latter has the ability to remove copper out of system. 

Zinc: Food rich in zinc or zinc supplements prescribed by the doctor help to prevent copper from getting accumulated in the liver or stomach and flushing it out from the body. 

Activity: Movement is important but not just for weight loss, it is important for reducing excess quantity of these trace minerals as well. Exercise leads to sweating, which is a good detoxifier, especially heavy metals in the human body can be flushed out via sweat and perspiration. 

Sleep: Sleep is when your body heals but if you read my articles, you’ll understand and come to know that ‘sleep’ is the only time when your body also undergoes the detoxification process. So if you are sleep deprived, there are high chances that your body is accumulating toxins like excess copper. The moment you work on improving your sleep cycle, your body cleanses itself and reduces these minerals from the body.

Water: You lose excess copper through excretion via stools or from urine, so it is better to look at your hydration levels and increase your water intake if it is low. Increasing water intake helps in naturally flushing out your liver, kidney, colon, 
stomach, skin etc.

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