Mane Remedies: Four best benefits of Shikakai

Shikakai an amazing natural and safe product over any chemical lab products that eventually enters the body and causes more damage

The heat is increasing, which is further increasing sweat on the body and on the scalp too. A sweaty scalp starts affecting hair quality and growth as well, too much sweat also causes irritation, dandruff and other issues. We then reach out for chemical loaded products to manage our hair health and quality but both start deteriorating further because the health of our hair or skin or body is always an inside job.

Today, let’s talk about this one ingredient, which is most trustworthy and a part of various traditionally used haircare remedies. I’m talking about shikakai, which is an ayurvedic herb and a climbing shrub. The flower of this plant is powdered and made into a paste which acts as a gentle cleanser that washes away dirt, dust, and excess sebum from our scalp without causing any disruption to the natural oils present in scalp. It’s a great natural remedy for dandruff, split ends, premature greying, frizzy hair, and also hydrates hair from the roots, which further provides relief from itchiness and dry scalp. It’s an amazing natural and safe product over any chemical lab products that eventually enters the body and causes more damage. This is the wisdom of our ancestors and it has worked so well to manage a number of hair conditions. Let’s understand a few more benefits of this mighty herb:

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- Shikakai has a cooling effect on our scalp, which helps in overcoming a dry scalp. It stimulates sebum production. Dry scalp causes collection of more dirt and gradually dandruff, therefore shikakai is excellent for dandruff plus it’s highly anti fungal in nature.

- It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, A E, K, plus it nourishes the hair as well as its roots. Shikakai makes the hair stronger and healthier, as well as improves hair growth due to so many benefits.

- Saponins, vitamins and antioxidants in shikakai make the hair shinier and light. Also, this helps with split ends and keeping the volume good. This apart, it can also work on premature greying with few lifestyle changes incorporated in our routine.

- Shikakai can kill hair lice in children and adults due to its anti microbial, anti fungal and anti bacterial effects. Try to use our ancient herbs that were used by our parents and grandparents as they are very simple, effective, inexpensive and easily available. You can mix the shikakai powder with water and rub the paste on to your scalp at least once a week to get its benefits.

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