How water can help you keep your body hydrated; here’s everything you want to know

A glass of water that keeps the body hydrated is crucial for health and well-being and water is the key
A glass full of health
A glass full of health

It is a known fact that 70 per cent of our body is made of water and it’s not a magic bullet, but the benefits of water are many as it keeps every system in the body functioning properly. But, nowadays, I have noticed that people are so busy working that they miss out on eating food and drinking water, as well. Where are we going? If we don’t take care of our health then who will? With a lack of energy, how can we perform best at work? Most people are dehydrated these days and they don’t even understand when they are thirsty because they feel hungry at that time and start eating rather than sipping on water. To find out whether you are really hungry or not it’s always a good idea to drink a mug of warm water and observe for 10 minutes. If your hunger subsides that means you were thirsty and not hungry. Our brain has similar signals for thirst and hunger and that’s why we always confuse thirst with hunger and eat rather than drink water.

Natural detoxification

We all know how important water is for skin, muscles, kidneys, heart and liver functions, absorption and assimilation etc. But, we still miss out on such an important macronutrient. When the body doesn’t have enough amount of water all of our body functions get compromised. A very common example is constipation which happens due to a lack of fibre and water. The right amount of water helps in digestion, to control acidity and also to build bulk and volume in stools. If you are dehydrated you are bound to face constipation no matter what amount of vegetables you include in your meal. Warm water loosens fecal matter in your colon against colon walls and helps in its elimination out of the body but it is seldom used as a cleaning agent to remove dirt. Starting from today, try and improve your water intake up to 2.5-3 litres (if you are not on any water restriction) to help the body flush out toxins as well as motions.

Sip it slow

Now, you might be thinking about how water can help in detoxification? Here’s the answer, warm water raises our body’s temperature and we breakout in a sweat. Through sweat, our body flushes out toxins. Warm water also acts as a vasodilator — which helps in improving blood circulation as well as blood pressure. When circulation improves the nutrient uptake in the body improves. Warm water also helps you break down mucous and plays a huge role in treating sinus infections, colds and coughs. So, don’t think water has no importance. If we don’t provide hydration to each cell then we will start facing different issues. Go now and grab your glass of water, but make sure you sip it slowly.

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