Moving about, all day long, can be very good for you!

A sedentary lifestyle can be challenged by simple exercises through the day, and it isn’t too hard, as we find out…
Moving about all day can work wonders for you!
Moving about all day can work wonders for you!

We celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21 and I’m glad to see that many people are now ensuring that they get at least some form of activity or physical movement, yoga asanas included, because they’ve understood and observed the importance of exercise for their overall health. For people who don’t exercise at all, starting a minimum of 15-30 minutes of any exercise be it a walk or some yoga every day has a huge positive impact on the body because it helps improve cardio vascular health, the immune system, brain health, hair, skin, our metabolism processes and our detoxification processes.

Having said that, starting 15-30 minutes of exercise daily is ideal but we also need to understand that we should not sit in one place for more than an hour, as well. Your one hour of workout is useless if you are resting and being sedentary throughout the day.

We all know that sitting is the next smoking and the more we sit we start negatively affecting our blood circulation. Sitting for longer durations starts affecting our posture and also causes lactic acid production and build-up in our muscles, which leads to discomfort, cramping, pain and stiffness in the muscles, as well as in the joints. People who have a desk job have observed severe back, hip or shoulder pain due to the same. So, ideally, your morning workout is not helping you to overcome the lactic acid production during the rest of the day.

Stretching occasionally during the day can be beneficial!
Stretching occasionally during the day can be beneficial!

That said, at no point am I saying that one should give up on their morning or evening one hour workouts. Please continue with the same because that helps in improving metabolism and muscle mass in your body. But also make sure that you are active throughout the day. Try and get up from your desk every hour and move around in your cabin or office. Visit the washroom or get yourself a glass of water. You could also try some desk stretches or exercises. Don’t forget to also walk for 10 minutes post any meal and try to stand and touch your toes at least once every day.

Getting these one to two minutes of a walk or a stretch also falls under activity which helps in improving your body’s digestion capabilities as well as your blood circulation which further helps in reducing lactic acid production in your body, thus reducing muscle/joint pain and stiffness. As mentioned, our hourly movements also help in improving blood circulation and since our blood carries nutrients from food and oxygen from air to cells, that means we get all the nutrition in each and every cell and that helps in healing our body.

That’s why I always suggest movement and being active as super important in a sedentary lifestyle that can otherwise lead us to various metabolic diseases. Plus, exercise also helps in releasing the feel good hormone which automatically helps in controlling stress.

Get moving, already!

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