Rolls Royce Phantom IV: All you need to know about Meghan Markle's ride to the royal wedding

Meghan Markle who wed Prince Harry at St George’s Chapel in the Windsor Castle premises arrived at the church in the limited-edition car made only for buyers of distinction.

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Meghan Markle entering St George's Chapel at the Windsor Castle in the Rolls Royce IV 1950

Meghan Markle wed Prince Harry at St George’s Chapel in the Windsor Castle premises. The American actress arrived at the church in the Rolls Royce Phantom IV, which is a 1952 model of the car and here are 10 facts you need to know about the car: 

1. The Phantom IV is British automobile that was built by Rolls Royce only for buyers of distinction, like the British Royal Family.

2. There are only 18 cars like it built between 1950 - 1956 out of which 16 exist in museums and other collections. 

3. The engine is a refined version of a B80, the last three of a B81, both used in military and commercial vehicles. 

4. Interestingly, the Phantom IV is the only Rolls-Royce motorcar to be fitted with a straight-8 engine. It is powerful enough to run long distances at a very low speed, an important feature for ceremonial and parade cars.

5. The limousine car was designed to the special order of Their Royal Highnesses, the Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh" and was supposed to be the only one of its kind.

Rolls Royce Phantom IV

6.While it was initially painted Valentine green with red belt-line striping. The limousine became an official state car of the United Kingdom upon Princess Elizabeth's accession to that country's throne in 1952. It was then repainted in the sovereign's colour scheme of royal claret and black.

7. In 1948, the Spanish Government asked for three cars for the use of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, the Phantom IV was made and they are in the property of the Spanish Army and are still in ceremonial use for the Spanish head of state.

8. On 10 April 1952, the Queen was driven in this car to her first royal engagement at Westminster Abbey.

9. There were other proposed models of the Phantom IV but they were never built. It is said that they were asked for by King Farouk of Egypt, the Maharajas of Baroda and Mysore in India, as well as the Americans Briggs Cunningham and James Melton.

10. The car was fitted with a specially modified driver's seat in case the Duke of Edinburgh wished to drive himself.